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July 24, 2017

Top 5 Myths about Migration and Education Consultants: Debunked!

Migrating to Australia to study or settle calls for an insane amount of time.

Collect the original supporting documents, make arrangements with the insurance companies, get a tax clearance, and file a proper visa application.

With so many daily obligations to fulfil, you don’t get enough time during the entire day to do everything, and you feel stretched to your limit.

What if you are told to hire an immigration consultant?

It will come as no surprise to get a resounding “NO” as an answer.

Most often when it comes to migrating abroad, people refrain themselves from getting assisted by an immigration or education consultant due to the fear of scams or fraudulent activities.

A lot of misconceptions about these consultants float around the market which in turn lead people to apply for visa on their own, making them fall prey to visa rejections.

So, this article is all about knowing what those misconceptions are, and subsequently busting them.

Myth 1: They’re Frauds. They’re Only Interested in Money!

We have the habit of compromising with the quality when it comes to saving money. If you disagree to it, then all we can say is, “Fess up!” Most of us do really do that! And the same applies to hiring an immigration consultant. We prefer to seek services from someone who sounds official but is not licensed. Australian immigration law is complex and the process to get a visa can be difficult to navigate. Hence, one needs to look for someone who is authorised and possesses an in-depth knowledge of immigration procedures.

But how to know that the representative is in fact an authorised one?

Well, a professional immigration consultant is always registered with the office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). It is an Australian Government authority that registers migration agents and regulates their profession.

Myth 2: Anyone can apply for a Visa! What’s so Special about Them?

Since a professional immigration consultant is registered with the relevant authority, the entire immigration process is administered with utter perfection. Such individuals are acquainted with all the laws and regulations of Australian immigration, hence there is no room for silly mistakes or delays in the processing of visa.

While the choice of hiring or not hiring such consultant is absolutely yours, we’d just like to add that applying for a visa without their help increases the chances of visa rejection. There are a number of factors that can make visa rejection come as easy as a piece of cake, like lack of awareness, complexity of the case, unwillingness to invest time in going through the instructions, and such; and you’d need no less than an expert on your side to make the chances of rejection go away!

Myth 3: They’re Just Glorified Career Counsellors!

A common myth about these agents is that they are just career counsellors, and nothing else. It’s true that you sometimes require a counsellor to help you decide your strongest areas, and subsequently the career choice that you should go for. While an Immigration and Education consultant would do that very thing – they wouldn’t do JUST that! There’s so much more to what they do.

First of all, your career choice would always reflect your core skills. Secondly, they’ll check with you whether you plan to further settle in Australia and get a PR or not. If you answer in a yes, then they will have to check for course options that suit your competencies, plus feature on the Australian PR course list for that year too. It’s not as easy as just going through a list and striking off your options; it’s about knowing which skills does Australia feel a shortage of that year, and checking whether your skillset fills in that gap or not.

It’s an extremely delicate process in the least, and you cannot afford to go wrong here. An immigration agent hence is your most valued asset when it comes to making your study abroad dream a reality.

Myth 4: They Only Care about Migration; Not Education!

This myth is a tenacious one.

But thank God it’s just a myth!

An ethical immigration consultant is never into stooping to any means to just sell his business. He cannot promote the engineering courses, which are highly aspired in Australia, to the students with Commerce or Arts background. Rather a good consultant would prefer to go for proficiency evaluation of the student and then send them to Australia to pursue the line of study that befits both their educational background as well as their future aspirations.

Myth 5: Got your Visa? You have no Need for Them Anymore!

Whether you are migrating as a skilled migrant or an International student, arriving to a new country introduces you to a plethora of things that are both essential for you to settle in, but unknown to you at that point. These things include accommodation arrangement, applying for a Tax File Number (TFN), opening a bank account, registering with Medicare, etc.  A reliable immigration consultant helps you handle all these things in an extremely hassle-free manner.

Studying or settling abroad is an opportunity that knocks only once. Exaggerating or accepting such myths only serve as a barricade that can inhibit you from getting the experience you deserve. A way to ensure that brilliant experience is by getting in touch with the team of leading education consultants and migration agents at Aussizz Group. With years of experience backing their knowledge and expertise in handling education and visa consulting, you can rest assured that your Australian dreams will definitely turn into reality!

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