Top 15 Highest Paid Engineering Jobs in Australia

Australia has been recognised as the land of opportunities for engineers. Engineering occupations are in demand with varied choices for you. You can work in the telecommunications, construction, mining, information technology, and pharmaceutical sectors.

But if you are an engineering student, you can claim 5 Permanent Residency migration points on graduation completion. Take the help of the 44-week Professional Year Program to understand the country's workforce.

The PY Engineering Program consists of engineering internship placement and training for graduates from Australian universities.

The Program has been developed to equip graduates from Australian universities with the necessary experience and skills to start a successful career. In other words, it provides employment and study in Australia pathways.

But, a couple of questions that come to everybody's Mind-How much do engineers earn? What are the career opportunities for engineers in Australia? Be familiar with the engineer's salary in Australia based on engineering disciplines and roles.

List of Top 15 Highest Paying Australian Engineering Jobs

  1. Software Engineer

    Roles: The primary responsibility of a software engineer is to address the entire software development lifecycle. He is entrusted with tasks such as analysing needs, from design, test to develop software. The engineer must have an understanding of computer systems and recognise hardware limitations impacting software design.

    Salary: Approx. AUD$57000 to AUD$112000

  2. Civil Engineer

    Roles: If you have a professional engineer's license, you can work independently as a Civil Engineer. The engineer's tasks are to analyse surrounding areas and site locations, thus determining construction feasibility. He develops plans and designs with the help of computer software programs and resolves design challenges.

    Salary: Approx. AUD$100,000 to AUD$120,000

  3. Mechanical Engineer

    Roles: Mechanical engineers perform several engineering duties such as developing, testing, and designing mechanical devices. These engineers use communication and technical problem-solving. They are familiar with project management and, at the same time, adhere to standard engineering procedures.

    Salary: Approx. AUD$55,000 to AUD$110,000

  4. Electrical Engineer

    Roles: These engineers are entrusted with tasks to develop new systems that use electrical power, test and install electrical processes. They use software to design, plan and improve electrical systems. At best, they perform detailed calculations and helps to develop construction, manufacturing, and installation specifications and standards.

    Salary: Approx. AUD$75,000 to AUD$152,580

  5. Chemical Engineer

    Roles: Chemical engineers possess knowledge of different chemical properties and develop new chemical substances. As troubleshooters, they improve industrial processes using the application of better chemical systems. They work in product development, involve research, and experiment on chemical processes.

    Salary: Approx. AUD$57,000 to AUD$117,000

  6. Environmental Engineer

    Roles: Environmental engineers are like technological advisers who help with growing pollution, land use, environmental laws, and resource regulation. They use technology to help develop sound solutions. They are efficient in helping form public policy to regulate air, land, and water resources.

    Salary: Approx. AUD$62,000 to AUD$111,000

  7. Petroleum Engineer

    Roles: These professional’s preparatory surveys and use different methods to retrieve natural gas and oil from various depths beneath the earth's surface. They help teams make drilling site recommendations based upon effort, cost, and feasibility of retrieving the product from where it is discovered.

    Salary: Approx. AUD$66,000 to AUD$194,000

  8. Production or Plant Engineer

    Roles: Production engineers are responsible for overseeing product production. They ensure that production demands are cost-effective. They decide on the type of materials used to construct a product, assemble it to ensure quality, and operate a production line with workforce and machinery.

    Salary: Approx. AUD$41,200 to AUD$128,000

  9. Industrial Engineer

    Roles: Every industrial engineer works to manage and improve manufacturing processes for their company. They enhance operations within a plant or similar facility. Overall, these engineers study reports on process efficiency within a section of the entire facility or plant and examine current production rates.

    Salary: Approx. AUD$47,000 to AUD$105,000

  10. Transport Engineer

    Roles: The main responsibility of the transport engineer is to oversee engineering assignments. They are responsible for project planning, designing and developing transportation systems, and scheduling. They ensure transportation projects are completed on time and within budget. The engineers work in traffic, technology, airport, construction, and railway industries.

    Salary: Approx. AUD$60,000 to AUD$141,000

  11. Aeronautical Engineer

    Roles: Aeronautical engineers work for defense contractors or the government. Certain positions require security clearance because they work in facilities that require special access. They maintain, design, and oversee the development and research types of spacecraft, aircraft, missiles, and satellites.

    Salary: Approx. AUD$52,000 to AUD$123,000

  12. Quantity Surveyor

    Roles: Quantity surveyors handle and manage engineering projects. They are tasked with maximising project value for different clients and producing good quality and cost balance. They are referred to as construction or engineering cost consultants who work with contractors or clients.

    Salary: Approx. AUD$53,000 to AUD$116,000

  13. Biomedical Engineer

    Roles: Biomedical engineers work as a team in a support role. Their primary job is to have a firm grip on engineering principles that are a prerequisite to that understanding. These engineers have to look at their ideas from a marketing standpoint and possess the knowledge to make effective decisions.

    Salary: Approx. AUD$51,000 to AUD$91,000

  14. Nuclear Engineer

    Roles: The onus is on the engineers to develop and analyse processes, instruments, and systems used to derive nuclear energy and radiation benefits. They research nuclear energy system problems, design and develop nuclear equipment. They oversee testing, operation, and nuclear reactor maintenance.

    Salary: Approx. AUD$64,000 to AUD$133,000

  15. Mining Engineer

    Roles: These mining engineers provide technical support for different operations. They provide estimates relevant to mining construction and are involved with capital projects and equipment selection for mining operations. They are involved in troubleshooting, upgrading, customising, and rebuilding mining equipment.

    Salary: Approx. AUD$85,000 to AUD$159,000

Engineering Courses

Though a lot has been covered as far as engineering occupations are concerned, international students' preferred Engineering Courses in Australia are in aerospace, biomedical, civil, computer, electrical, industrial, geological, mechanical, petroleum and telecommunications. The country also offers post-graduate programs wherein you can build a successful career.


To sum up, the aforementioned Professional Year Program, engineer salary structure, and course details encourage engineering aspirants to build careers in Australia. For specific information on the salary structure of different engineering occupations, PY program, and student visa, consult our resourceful team of education and immigration consultants in Australia.

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