Manitoba PNP Business Investor Category

It is evident, how running a successful business in Manitoba wouldn’t just be great for the business owner, but prove beneficial for the economy of the province as well. And that’s why, if a person is interested in either buying an existing business, or starting a new one in Manitoba, the Manitoba Business Investor Category provides them with the perfect opportunity.

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These are the requirements that a foreign national must be able to fulfill, in order to qualify under this category:

  • They should be able to prove that they’ve a net worth of $350,000 CAD, at the least.
  • Their minimum investment to the proposed business undertaking, would have to be $150,000 CAD.
  • Their role in the management of the business should be an active one.
  • The applicant, along with any dependents who might have accompanied them, must show their intention to live in the province of Manitoba
  • They must have had a prior experience, in a business similar to the current one, as the founder, or at a position in the senior management level.

When the application is approved, the candidate will need to make a deposit of $75,000 to the Manitoba government. Thereafter, the applicant will have two years, in order to establish their business in Manitoba – while doing which, they will have to be living in Manitoba. After the business has been established and even the permanent residency been established, the deposit will be returned to the applicant (without interest).

The Young Farmer Nominee Program

If not a business, there is also a way for a person to migrate to Manitoba, if they wish to either partner with an existing farm, or establish a new farm in the province. It is well known, how the natural resources and the excellent land conditions in Manitoba make agriculture play such an important role in its economy. Therefore, the province has made an opportunity available for experienced farmers to immigrate there, through the Young Farmer Nominee Program

The applicants must be able to fulfill the following requirements, in order to gain eligibility under this program:

  • They must have had 3 years or more of experience either managing, or owning a farm.
  • They should be able to provide a detailed assessment of the agricultural opportunities presented in Manitoba, and how the same could be applied to the applicant’s situation.
  • The applicant must have a net worth of $150,000 CAD.
  • They should be making an equity investment of $150,000, in Manitoba.
  • Their age should not be 40 or more.
  • The applicant, as well as their spouse (if they come too) should have skills that could easily supplement their farm income.
  • The applicant, along with their dependents should be living full time, in Manitoba.
  • Their annual income from the farm, as well as the supplemental income, should come out to be no less than $35,000 CAD, yearly.

To explore the and investigate the farming as well as living opportunities in Manitoba, an applicant will have to visit the province, for at least 7 consecutive days. When the application receives an approval, the applicant will have to deposit a sum of $75,000 in an account, which is controlled by the government of Manitoba. If they are able to purchase the proposed farm, and establish it, within 2 years, their deposit (without an interest) is returned to them.