Manitoba Immigration 2018

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Why Manitoba?

The Gateway to Western Canada – that’s what people call the picturesque province of Manitoba. A place that boasts of its friendly people, abundant natural resources, a booming labour market, and a diverse culture, Manitoba welcomes people from all over the globe, every year, who wish to become a permanent resident there. While there are other ways as well, the simplest way for one to immigrate to Manitoba has been through the Express Entry Program of Canada.


What is Express Entry Manitoba?

The Manitoba province attracts a huge number of people from around the world who are looking for a PR, and are a best fit for the job market of the province. Manitoba immigration authorities are keen on selecting individuals whose education, skills, and experience can best suit the needs of Manitoba market, as well as its society.

There are a couple of ways, in which a candidate can apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program 2018

  • If not through Express Entry, then an applicant can directly send an EOI (Expression of Interest) to Manitoba Immigration. If they do receive a certificate, citing their nomination, they can then apply for permanent residency in Canada using a new profile they create under Express Entry to upload all their credentials.
  • Alternatively, those who wish to immigrate through the Immigration Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, they’d need to start by creating themselves a profile under Express Entry Canada, to show a formal interest in migrating to Manitoba. Then the person gets an NoI or a Notification of Interest from the MPNP, it would mean they’re being invited to submit their Expression of Interest, i.e. EOI to the program. A Manitoba nomination would mean an immediate addition of 600 points to the CRS score of the potential immigrant, securing their ITA or Invitation to Apply for permanent residency in Canada.


What is Provincial Nominee Program Manitoba?

The three categories under the MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program), through which the government provides a more streamlined system for potential candidate to migrate to the province, are:

  • Manitoba Invitation
  • Manitoba Connection
  • Business Investor