Manitoba PNP Connection Category

Those candidates who have a connection to the province of Manitoba, have several streams or sub-categories to help them get a permanent residency there. Depending on whether an applicant has a connection to a business, an institution, or a person, the stream they’d be eligible for, differs.

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MPNP Connection Category offers the following streams:

Manitoba Support Stream

This stream is suitable for those people, who despite having no job in the province, do have a personal connection to Manitoba. The connection of the applicant with this local person, who is also called ‘Manitoba Supporter’, can be approved, only if it adheres to any of the following natures of connection:

  • Father
  • Mother
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Grandfather
  • Grandmother
  • Aunt or Uncle
  • Niece or nephew
  • First cousin
  • Any Other relative
  • A Close friend

In addition to the nature of the connection, a Manitoba Supporter should also be able to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Through a show of proper documentation, they should be able to prove their current residency in the province. Also, they should have been a permanent resident there, for a year at least.
  • If not a permanent resident, then should prove themselves to be a citizen of Canada.
  • In case the current applicant is not the first individual they’re supporting, they should be able to prove how the people they’d have earlier supported, went on to become successful Manitoba residents.
  • They should be able to provide their support to the applicant, as specified in the Settlement Plan.
  • In addition, the supporter will have to finish up the 2nd part of the Settlement Plan. This will be document which details all the information about the supporter themselves, the relationship they share with the candidate, along with a confirmation of the candidate’s information. If the connection is that of a friend or a distant relative, they will be able to support only a candidate who meets certain criteria. The applicant should have scored at least a 60 on the MPNP selection grid.

The selection grid is important, as it helps to quantify the following factors for a candidate:

  • Age – 10 points
  • Education – 25 points
  • Adaptability – 25 points
  • Work Experience – 15 points
  • Language Proficiency – 25 points

Those who apply through this stream are needed to have a minimum of $10,000 CAD, while each person accompanying the candidate would need to have an extra $2,000 CAD, including the spouse as well as any children.

Candidates who are highly skilled, but do not hold a job in Manitoba currently, but want to live near their family in the province – this stream turns out to be a great option. The availability for this stream keeps changing, as it’s not open throughout the year.

Manitoba Experience Stream

If a candidate is an international student, or a temporary foreign worker, they would need to come through the Manitoba Experience Stream, under the PNP Manitoba Connection. Here too, such applicants would need a score of 60, at the least, on the selection grid for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

The factors considered for such selection grid, are age, language proficiency, adaptability, education, and finally, work experience.

An applicant for the Experience Stream, under MPNP, should have any of the following:

  • A full-time experience, doing a piece of skilled work, for any 6 consecutive months, within the last decade.
  • Excluding any language studies, they should have completed their post-secondary level education in Manitoba itself.

All international students would also have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • They’d have to have graduated forma post-secondary program, located in the province of Manitoba.
  • Either they should have a permit, or their application process for the work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada should be complete.
  • Either they should have a permit, or their application process for the work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada should be complete.
  • They should be able to show an offer from an employer in Manitoba, for a long term and a full-time employment opportunity.
  • They should both desire, as well as have the ability to live permanently in Manitoba.
  • Every licensing, training, and even work experience and language ability that an applicant requires to get a permanent job in Manitoba, they should have it.

Manitoba Employment Stream

Under this stream, an applicant who has a full-time and a long-term job offer in Manitoba, can apply. The applicant could be someone just graduated from post-secondary school in Manitoba, who got such a job offered to them; or, they could also have been offered to work full time on a current job that they were holding as a temporary worker since the last six months at least.

There is no bar on the type of occupation one would choose, except there are certain requirements for the applicants to take care of:

  • They should be proficient enough in English and French.
  • They should have all the qualifications required to earn the job they’re being offered.
  • They’d need to have a Settlement Plan which shows in a detailed manner, how they plan to work, live, and therefore, become a part of the Manitoba community.

In addition, there are certain special situation which only apply to foreigners who have temporary work permits:

  • If an applicant is exempt from a work permit, they would be deemed ineligible for this particular stream.
  • Every temporary foreign worker would have to provide a proof of sufficient settlement funds. Their current income would also be counted towards these funds.

International students, who look forward to apply under this stream of MPNP, will have the following additional requirements to take care of:

  • International students, who hail from some other Canadian province, should have worked for their present Manitoba employer, at least for a year.
  • Those who’d have graduated from a Manitoba post-secondary school, should have spent 6 months, at least, working for the employer who’s currently offering them a full-time job.
  • Every student would have to necessarily receive a post-graduate work permit within 60 days of graduating from a university or college in Canada.
  • Applicants who’ve studied outside of Manitoba, would not be eligible for this stream.