Nova Scotia PNP Family Business Worker Stream

This stream of immigration to the province of Nova Scotia gives the opportunity to the employers in the province, to hire a close relative of theirs, to work for them. The skill set that these employers are looking for, and apparently found in their relative, should be a specific skill set that may be difficult to find amongst the permanent residents and citizens of Canada.

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For someone to be eligible to get such a job opportunity, and furthermore, the chance to become a permanent resident there, one would have to show how they are related to the said owner of the business.

Here’s a list of relationships that are considered eligible:

  • Niece or nephew
  • Son or daughter
  • Grandchild
  • Uncle or aunt
  • Brother or sister

It should be noted that half or step relatives are also given consideration and acceptance under this program.

In addition, every applicant under this stream, will also several additional requirements to meet:

  • They should have legally living in their current country of residence.
  • They should have a position offered for a full time and permanent job position, by their close relative, in their own business.
  • They should have the proper documentation to prove that they have the necessary qualification, experience, training, education, licensing, accreditation, and so on – needed to perform the duties that come with the job position.
  • They should have the intention to work and permanently settle in the province.

This stream also requires the business owner to meet a set of criteria to gain eligibility under this stream. And, here are those requirements:

  • They should be a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada.
  • They should have lived in the province since at least two years.
  • They should have the ownership of at least a third of the business.
  • Their business should be a financially viable one.
  • The job position they offer to the family member of theirs, it should be a full-time one, and permanent in nature.
  • The benefits and the salary they offer, in addition to the working conditions, should be in congruence with the standards of employment set in the province.
  • There should be no labour disputes or any bargaining agreements that this job comes in conflict with.
  • If the job so requires, the applicant will need to get themselves a proper certification from the province.

Those who have a family business are not allowed to apply under this stream, except once every two years. In cease they do attempt to apply more than once, they will have to provide an evidence which demonstrates that the family members who they used to support in the past, have now got themselves settled in the province, with a decent solid job in their hands too.

Community Identified Stream

There is also another category which allows individuals who have established certain close connections with any community in the province. These people – if they wish to move permanently to Nova Scotia, then Community Identified stream provides a good opportunity. In addition to the intent as well as the close connection, they should also be employable, so that their skills and knowledge helps the province grow economically.

Those who attain eligibility under this stream, should make sure that they are not eligible for any other stream of immigration to Nova Scotia. Their connection with a community in the province should be a well and a long established one, and to demonstrate that, they will have to get a Letter of Identification from such a mandated community.