Nova Scotia Immigration 2018

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Why Nova Scotia?

Quite unique amongst all the Canadian provinces, Nova Scotia, it is Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia peninsula, and about thousands of small islands located towards Eastern Canada, that together make the beautiful province of Nova Scotia. People come here to witness the vast coastlines, have delicious seafood meals, top educational institutes, and a society growing around arts and culture, amongst other things. This economically sound metropolitan area, which is bustles with people from all around, offers immigration through multiple ways, easiest of which is the Express Entry system.


What is Express Entry Nova Scotia?

The province of Nova Scotia allows people from other countries, who are interested to move permanently to Canada, and also possess the exact skills that their provincial economy needs the most, to immigrate.

These are the two ways, following one of which, a potential immigrant can get a NSPNP nomination for themselves

  • A foreign national who wants to work and live permanently in Nova Scotia, can start by submitting their EoI to the NSOI, that is Nova Scotia Office of Immigration. According to their score on the points grid, it will be decided whether they attain eligibility for applying under NSPNP. If they do receive a nomination, they can move forward by making themselves an Express Entry profile, while submitting details regarding their nomination.
  • An applicant does have a second option, where they can create an Express Entry profile for themselves, and make their interest of working and permanently settling in Nova Scotia, officially known. The NSPNP officials would then contact individuals who they feel have the particular skills and enough experience to help their local economy grow. Furthermore, the applicant will also be able to include their Express Entry Profile ID when they submit their EoI, that is Expression of Interest. If these candidates do receive an ITA that is Invitation to Apply, they will have 600 points credited under the Comprehensive Ranking System, which will almost guarantee the applicant getting selected under the next draw for Express Entry.


What is Provincial Nominee Program Nova Scotia?

The NSPNP has been designed in order to make the process of immigration for interested foreign nationals more streamlined, and therefore, simple.

To gain eligibility under this program, an applicant would have to fulfill the terms and conditions of any one of the following broad categories

  • Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream
  • Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry stream
  • Skilled Worker stream
  • Family Business Worker stream