Nova Scotia PNP Skilled Worker Stream

This stream of immigration is meant to help employers based out of the province, who would like to employ highly skilled people from abroad, as they find that workers with specific skill set, at large, in Nova Scotia, are quite difficult to find.

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Here are the three sub-categories under this category:

Skilled Workers

This sub-category has been designed to help individuals, who are excellent, skill-wise, and who have previous experience working in an occupation with an NOC level 0, A, or B. Applications under this stream are given the highest priority, amongst the three sub-categories.

Semi-Skilled Workers

This stream’s conditions apply to those people who have had experience working for an NOC level C classified job. Their experience shouldn’t have worked for any less than 6 months, and for this experience to count, it is essential to have been for an employer based out of the province.

Low-Skilled Workers

Finally come the individuals who have had experience in working at jobs that have been classified NOC level D. And the only way for these applications to be considered, would be if the individual worked at east 6 months in such a job, under a Nova Scotian employer.

For each of the above streams, there are also certain additional requirements that an applicant would be required to meet. Those requirements or criteria are:

  • They should submit a valid proof showing their legal status, if they’ve been residing in Canada.
  • They should be at least 21 years old, and at the most, 55 years old.
  • They should have a job offer from a Nova Scotian based company, and the job should be both permanent and full-time in nature.
  • Their level of education should be no less than till high school.
  • Their work experience should not be any less than a year long.
  • Whether they choose their preferred language as English, or French – they should be well proficient in it, and subsequently meet all the language test requirements as well.
  • Their intention to work and settle in the province of Nova Scotia, should be clear.

There are also certain requirements that an employer will have to meet:

  • They should be established in the province, permanently.
  • They should have been operating in the province, since at least 2 years.
  • They should have offered a job position to the applicant, which is both full-time as well as permanent in nature.
  • The job offered by them should be based in the Nova Scotia.
  • The salary and all the benefits offered to the applicant should adhere to the standards of employment set by the province.
  • They should show how they’re choosing this option, as they couldn’t find a citizen or any permanent resident of Canada with the kind of skill set and/or qualifications they’re looking for. And therefore, their efforts to recruit someone from Canada, should be clearly evident.

International Graduate Stream

This category finds itself sometimes lumped as a section of the Skied Workers stream. It is basically designed so as to help employers based in the province, hire international graduates, who have passed the course no more than two years ago, from the universities in Canada which are eligible.

The employer under this program, offers a job opportunity to such an international student, which is full-time one, and permanent as well. Furthermore, the job is related to the field of study of the student. There are also criteria related to the language proficiency, work experience, age, education, and so on, as listed under the Skilled Workers category, that these recent graduates would need to fulfill, if they want to be eligible for this particular subsection.