Yukon PNP Express Entry (YEE)

A person who is eligible to participate in Canada’s Express Entry pool, have the right experience, education, and other factors all checked, along with a clear intention to live and work permanently in the province of Yukon, they will find this stream extremely useful.

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Here are the three sub-categories, that is the economic immigration programs, out of which a candidate will have to prove eligibility in any one:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

(Note: These are all federal-level programs)

Below is the list of eligibility criteria that an applicant would have to meet, in order to qualify for one of the three federal programs listed above:

  • They should complete their online application for Express Entry, in order to receive a profile number, and even a job seeker validation code, if so applicable.
  • The settlement funds they have, should be enough to support them, as well as any dependents (family members and all) they might have to support in the country.
  • The money in this case will be decided by the IRCC, whether it’s enough for the individual and the size of family he has.
  • An employer from the province should have offered a permanent and a full-time job position to the applicant, and they should have accepted it.
  • Their intention to live and work permanently in Yukon should be a clear one, and also be clearly stated while applying.

The Application, and finally the Nomination Process As and when an individual receives a job offer from an employer based in Yukon, it becomes quite the logical next step to receive a nomination to be a part of the Express Entry pool of candidates, and finally get an ITA for permanent residence.

Here are the steps that are followed during the process of application, and then nomination of an individual to this stream of immigration:

  • An employer based in Yukon, finds someone from abroad, who has the exact skills, education, and experience, as they need for their business. So, they find a skilled worker from outside of Canada, to work for them.
  • They offer this foreign worker the job position, while demonstrating it to the provincial authorities, how they found the citizens and permanent residents of Canada, with the skills they need, quite limited and number, and none available at the time.
  • The workers goes through the three streams of immigration under this category, and finds out which of these they’re eligible under.
  • They apply to the Express Entry system, by making themselves a profile, getting a unique profile number, and if necessary, a job seeker validation code.
  • They prove to the authorities, that they have enough funds to support their and their family living in the province.
  • The individual, along with the employer, apply for Yukon Express Entry.
  • The individual receives an ITA.
  • In turn, this applicant submits all the essential documents to the IRCC, so that there’s nothing left with regards to their PR application.
  • The documents are then sent for verification.
  • On all documents being successfully verified, the applicant receives their PR.