Yukon PNP Skilled Worker Program

People who have been nominated by an employer who is based out of Yukon, while they’ve already been working in a skilled occupation, might find a way to immigrate there through this category.

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Here are the minimum requirements for a foreign national to gain eligibility under this program:

  • They must have the kind of work experience and educational qualifications required as per the job position, as well as the criteria which the NOC specifies.
  • Their education shouldn’t have been any less than that of high school level.
  • They would have to show their work experience, at least a year long one, in the same field as the position being offered to them; and this could have been in or out of Yukon.
  • If they are in the country at the time they apply, then they would have to have a valid work permit throughout the process of their application as well as the assessment process.
  • In case they are in Canada, on a study instead of a work permit, then they would have to provide the proof of having completed a one-year long certificate program, or a two-year long Bachelor or diploma program, or at least ESL level 8 test (a test taken by Yukon college students).

These are the eligibility requirements that an employer would have to keep in mind, if they are to be a part of this program:

  • They should be a citizen of Canada, or a permanent resident there.
  • Their business should be based out of Yukon, that is registered as well as being operated from there; or, it should have been recognized by the government of the province, and running since no less than a year.
  • The minimum standards of the territory must be met by them.
  • The corporate registry of Yukon must have this business registered in there, and they’d also need to submit a copy of their business license.
  • To the nominated foreign nationals, they would need to provide health insurance, without charging them a fee, till they’re not eligible themselves to enjoy the health benefits given by the government; and this insurance should give the nominee a similar coverage, as a resident of the province would get.
  • They should offer a position to the foreign national, with a salary that either equals, or exceeds the median wage prevailing for that specific job position, in the province.
  • They would also be expected to take care of the travelling costs of the applicant, both to and from the country of their residence, in case they are not living in the province itself.
  • They are not, although, under obligation to pay for the travelling costs of any dependents that the applicant might have.In case the nominee has not obtained a PR, their travel costs for a return journey would also be taken care by the employer.
  • In case this foreign national is not in Yukon, then the employer would have to arrange a screening interview with one of the immigration officers working for the Government of Yukon. And both the employer as well as the nominee would have to be present during this interview.
  • Before they submit the application for a nominee, the employer would need to thoroughly go through the qualifications and work experience that this applicant says they have, and verify all that information.
  • They would be needed to submit the information regarding their job offer, and pay $230 as compliance fee through the Employer Portal of IRCC, before the nominee applies for a work permit (an employer-specific one), in case the is person is excused from the LMIA process.
  • They should also advertise the fact that they have a vacancy at work, no less than 4 weeks before applying to YNP. The purpose of this ad would be to seek qualified permanent residents or citizens, till they get a decision issued by the YNP. Teh recruitment efforts to seek citizens and permanent residents should be of two types – one, a national recruitment effort, and two, at least a couple of local recruitment efforts.

Additional Language Requirements

Every foreign national who intends to immigrate, would need to demonstrate their proficiency in either of the two languages – English and French. There’s IELTS and CELPIP for English, and TEF for the latter. These are the scores that would be expected for the applicant to get, in order for them to qualify under this program:

Language Language Proficiency Tests To qualify for an occupation listed as NOC level 0 or A To qualify for an occupation listed as NOC level B
English Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) 7 in Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, each. 5 in Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, each.
English International English Language Testing Score (IELTS): 6 in Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, each. 5 in Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, each.
French Test d’évaluation du Français (TEF) 4 in Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, each. 3 in Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, each.