Yukon Immigration 2018

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Why Yukon?

Yukon is one of the federal territories of Canada, located towards its west, and known for being rich in its resources and rich, when it comes to the types of people and communities living there. A small province that is home to about 30,000 residents, the people here are known to be really friendly. It is mainly the tourism and mining industry that thrive in Yukon, and therefore the province always welcomes the prospects of strengthening its workforce and economy by inviting individuals who can help them with it. People from different countries, every year, try to immigrate to this province; and they find the easiest way for them to do that, is through the Express Entry system of Canada.


What is Express Entry Yukon?

There are two ways in which YNP works to nominate foreign nationals having the right skills and enough experience, who also intend to live and work permanently in the province.

And, here they are

  • One way to enter the immigration process is by contacting the immigration program directly. This can be done by submitting an Expression of Interest, and wait for them to send back a nomination. If that happens, the applicant can then move ahead by creating an Express Entry profile for themselves, where they would be required to upload the details of their nomination.
  • The alternate way would be by starting off through an Express Entry profile, after which the applicant would be required to contact the Nominee Program of the province. In the case that the person does receive a nomination, their CRS score will get a surplus of 600 points, immediately, and therefore almost guaranteeing an ITA, that is Invitation to Apply.


What is Provincial Nominee Program Yukon?

Applicants who seek nomination from the YPNP, have four broad categories, in one of which they’d need to qualify to immigrate to Yukon.

Here are the 4 YPNP streams

  • Yukon Express Entry
  • Skilled Worker
  • Critical Impact Worker
  • Business Nominee