Engineering Management at Torrens
February 10, 2021

Engineering Management at Torrens: Everything You Need to Know

It is a boon for every international student who wants to pursue a Master of Engineering Management. You can benefit from the master’s degree program offered by one of the elite universities in Australia, Torrens University. On its completion, you can also develop technical, cognitive, and creative skills. It will help you to build confidence hence enhancing your leadership and teamwork abilities.

All You Need to Know About Engineering Management:

Program Basics

International students who want to study in Australia can seek admission in a 1-3 year’ program that is far different from a general MBA or other postgraduate degrees. At best, the management program enhances your technical expertise and management skills. It trains students to work in complex and engineering-based enterprises.

Possess Theoretical and Practical Skills

These skills help those students belonging to science, technology, or engineering background. Studying at Torrens enables you to develop practical skills and theoretical knowledge hence playing a useful management role. It works to your advantage if you have an education background in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) field and prefer to work in a senior management role.

Applying After Bachelor’s Degree

If you are a graduate with 7 to 10 years of experience, you can apply for Engineering Management. The program helps you to enhance your work experience, even if you have an undergraduate degree. It is assessed on a case by case basis. Hence, it is essential to check the requirements laid by your institution.

Important Facts:

  • Study locations – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane
  • Intake – 15 Feb 2021
  • Program Start dates – February, June, and September
  • Study requirements – Each subject involves study at Torrens for up to 10 hours per week. It includes 3 hours of facilitated study and a self-dedicated study of 7 hours.
  • Course duration – 2 years full-time or 4 years full-time
  • English language proficiency – Overall 6.5 in IELTS with no sub scores less than 6 or equivalent

Some Benefits to Pursuing a Course in Engineering Management are:

  • It is your skillset that counts if you are an engineering student. It is transferrable across innovative and diverse STEM sectors. You can change to a management role later.
  • You can work in the most cutting-edge fields like renewable energy and biotechnologies. At the same time, you learn about and manage groundbreaking, world-changing, and exciting projects.
  • It helps you to set yourself up for leadership careers in a global economy.

After Completing a Master Program, You can Become a Skilled Manager by Opting for Several Career Pathways

Biomedical Technology, Manufacturing, Water Infrastructure, Construction, Renewable Energy, Mining, Cloud Computing, and Information Technology

About Graduate Salaries

The salaries of every international student who completed their engineering management master’s vary based on skills and experience. The average weekly pay of the Engineering Manager is AUD$ 3427 and a yearly income of AUD$ 178,204.

Responsibilities and Skills of Engineering Manager

Interestingly, the responsibilities of an Engineering Manager are to supervise and lead a team of engineers. In other words, he solves technical issues by bringing solutions. If you are a management graduate, you can find yourself equipped with several skills. The skills include problem-solving, strategic planning, project management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Tasks that You might Undertake are:

  • Achieve targets through strategic planning
  • Developing cost estimates and preparing bids, contracts, and budgets
  • Approve, modify or review product designs
  • Overseeing development and research of new products
  • Coordinate and direct operations and production
  • Lead and supervise scientists, technicians, and engineers
  • Analyse resources and market demand.


In a nutshell, a Master of Engineering program at Torrens will help you to enhance your management skills. For more information on admission criteria, entry requirements, and intake, feel free to speak to our education consultants in Australia now.

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