Student Discounts in Australia
February 02, 2018

Enjoy Student Discounts in Australia- find a bargain and save!

Australia is one of the friendliest and fun countries. You have plenty to explore when you come to study and live in Australia. However, the first concern of all the International Students in Australia is money. With the 20 hours work limitation on their visa and the difference in the dollar value of their native currency and AUD, money can be tight.

To make your student life a bit easier there are plenty of hacks which may help you to save some money here and there.

Student Edge

Join for FREE. If you are a student edge member then you can receive discount in categories like Technology, Fashion, Entertainment, Food, Travel, Health and more.

ISIC (International Student Identity Card)

You can get ISIC card for just $30 per year. It will allow you to grab the cost-effective travel deals, money off online shopping, attractive discounts on restaurants, cafes and takeaways. This globally recognised student ID gives you access to over 150,000, discounts all over the world.


You can join Unidays for free and become a member. They provide discounts from classroom, tech must-haves, fitness products to new outfits.

Even without signing any of the above-mentioned memberships students can still enjoy discounts. Lots of business always has special offers for students. Here are some of the best discounts


In this current generation of technology advancement all the students are required to be up to date with the new technology. If you have your student ID card, then you will be eligible for following student-specific deals:

  • 25% off on Microsoft products
  • 10% off on Surface and Xbox and 25% off on accessories.
  • Deals from Adobe.
  • Apple has a specific store for university buyers. They run offer like get Beats free on your purchase.


Next time you buy air ticket make sure you visit following websites like Student Flights, Virgin Australia, Cheap o Air, STA Travel as they always have a very attractive deals for the students. The flight prices they offer are comparatively cheaper than their normal flight prices. You can definitely save some big bucks simply using your student ID card.

Not only air travel but also you can get the Ferry, Buses, and Train rides at a concession price if you present your Student ID card.


As a student you may want to stay fit and join gym. The gym membership can be very expensive. But there are lot of fitness places that offer huge student discount. That means you can stay on budget and still be fit.

These are some of the fitness places that provide student discounts;

  • Fitness First
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Jetts 24 Hour
  • Genesis

Fast Food and Chain Restaurants

If you sign up for the loyalty cards and membership cards at the restaurants and cafes, then you can save few bucks here and there. Places like Boost Juice, Oporto, Nando’s, Salsa’s etc. all have birthday bonuses and also general student discounts like buy one get one free.

Always look for a bargain because there is a good chance of finding one, all you have to do is ask.

Make sure you reap the benefits of being a student in Australia and enjoy the best of both worlds with incredible discounts!

Go grab the amazing discounts and be safe from paying hefty. In case you need a friendly advice for your visa or any other issues, you can always reach out to our education counsellors

For more precise queries, you can always get in touch with the Experts at our International Student Forum

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