Professional Year Internship
December 15, 2016

How Professional Year Internship in Engineering Help You Avoid Job Rejection?

Just moments ago, you were feeling like giving a pat on your back for becoming an international graduate engineer from Australia, having stellar grades and blooming recommendations.

But your excitement soon turned into a feeling of anguish and despair when you came out after completing the interview process of the most anticipating job.

So, what happened in those few moments?

You come across with an announcement “You need an Internship. Good Luck trying to get a position at XYZ”

Sounds familiar?

Well, following the cutthroat competition in the market place, employers these days are refusing a large number of graduates who don’t have an industry relevant work experience.

The internship experience is reckoned extremely valuable by businesses of all sizes, because it provide students with insights for their chosen profession, a particular company and the latest technologies.

Also, at the times when focusing on the right studies and career goals becomes tough for engineering students, internship program helps narrow the focus on a specific career or studies. Take this, for an instance, if you are intern in a particular company and decides that aerospace engineering doesn’t fascinate you within mechanical engineering, you can make your career path to plant engineering.

Since, now you’ve got the importance of doing internship after graduation, are you ready for your next move?

Engineering Professional Year Program

Engineering professional year is a structured program that combines formal learning and workplace experience. Developed by the Engineering Education Australia (EEA), the training division of Engineers Australia, this program is designed for international students who want to develop industry specific skills and prepare for a professional course in the Australian workforce.

How it helps in Internship Placement?

The duration of the program is of 44 weeks, out of which, 32 weeks are for workshops and seminars by the accredited education programs and 12 weeks are for internship with a host company.

Majority of the professional year providers in Australia provides access to the ASX listed companies and exclusive business networks. This not only helps you improve your understanding of culture and practices of the country but you will also learn how to communicate professionally within the Australian workforce.

How to Apply for Professional Year Program?

It is essential to know your eligibility before applying for professional year program. Hiring an authorised consultant from Aussizz Group can help you know the eligibility and get admission at some of the best professional year institutes across Australia.

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