Get skills assessments for Australian PR
July 09, 2019

What is changing in 2019? Get skills assessments for Australian PR

Ensure you meet the necessary criteria of Australia skills assessments when applying to a specific occupation falling in the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) or Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL). It all depends on the occupation type you are opting and whether it is on the front end or back end.

Remember front end indicates that there are higher chances for you to receive the country’s Permanent Residency provided you submit all occupation details and get them assessed by the registered occupation body. Different occupations, however, are monitored by respective authorities.

Whereas, back end occupations, in general, specify that the state or territory government will nominate you. Besides, you can also be sponsored by a relative who is a resident in Australia. However, you have to provide 3-year or 2-year work experience details depending on the immigration pathway and visa type.

In 2019 alone, many occupations are in demand and fall within the purview of different streams. These streams are Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Nursing, Teaching, Science, Engineering, Accounting and Auditing. Trades occupations also dominate the year. Likewise, these occupations cater to the needs of a professional with the latter getting skills assessments done at the earliest so that he can secure Permanent Residence in Australia. However, few occupations within the particular stream are on the backend list, whereas others are on the frontend.

Some of the preferred occupations this year that specify a particular stream include—

* Take a close look at ICT stream. Web developers, web designers and software program testers are among the occupations on the backend list. The front end, however, represents developer programmers, software engineers, computer network system engineers, system analysts and ICT security specialists, i.e. cybersecurity experts. A bachelor degree in a particular course along with one year of work experience is necessary for PR grant.

* If you are a Nurse expecting residency, you have to complete a Bridging program. The program is known as the IRON program of 3 months. Get your skills assessed by AHPRA that is a registered body with a Bachelor in Nursing necessary.

* For those individuals who are in the teaching profession, there are many occupations in both these lists. Secondary school teacher and early childhood pre-primary school teacher are on the long term list while primary school teacher is the only occupation that features on a short-term.

A one-year Australian course in Teaching is preferable even if you don’t possess a relevant Bachelor degree. For the grant, you must secure the IELTS 8 Band and submit necessary details. One-year training as part of the skills assessment process is essential.

* List of occupations in Science stream includes Biologist, Biochemist, Biotechnologist and Marine Sciences. Bachelor degree in a specific course and 12-months work experience are mandatory for an individual to secure an Australian PR.

* Chemical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and others are in demand in Engineering stream.

* Both Accountants and External Auditors can also seek PR benefits. With the immigration rules getting more stringent this year, Accountants and External Auditors have to secure 90 points and 85 points respectively. Here the question is more to do with scoring relevant points based on assessment process.

On the contrary, there are different trades occupations where you need to obtain Certificate 3, Certificate 4 or diploma certificate. Carpenters, painters, welders, locksmiths, chefs and construction professionals represent the occupations. To secure Permanent Residency, you should first require a Temporary Graduate Visa—subclass 485 that is beneficial any day. Twelve months of training as part of a job-ready program is necessary that is part of full skill assessment.

In a nutshell, get your skills assessed by a relevant body. Wherever necessary, you need to possess a bachelor degree in a particular stream/occupation and a good band in the IELTS exam. Provide work experience and education background details, and if you have a family member or a relative staying in Australia as a permanent resident, it works to your advantage. Besides, various pathways lie in front of you in case your occupation falls in the short-term. If you need guidance on necessary criteria regarding occupation or other immigration details, feel free to interact with our Australia immigration and education consultants!

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