Study in Australia: Pursue Hospitality & Tourism management Courses
September 05, 2018

Study in Australia: Pursue Hospitality & Tourism management Courses

Australia is often described as a lenient country, attracting thousands of Overseas students every year. A degree course in hospitality and tourism covers a wide range of programs—whether it is hotel management, tourism and hospitality management.

Overseas students applying to different Australian universities this year compared to 2017. Some of the many courses offered by various universities in the country include tourism and hospitality with degree programs comprising vocational, graduate and postgraduate.

Similar to China, India plays a vital role for international students preferring a study in Australia due to high-quality education. Along with advanced degree programs in tourism and hospitality, business diploma courses are also an excellent opportunity for these students.

Top Universities in Australia

Some of the top universities in Australia like Bond University, University of Canberra, Griffith University of Queensland and the University of New South Wales have seen an increase of overseas students applying to different tourism and hospitality study programs. If Bond University of International Hotel and Tourism Management provides training in world hospitality field, it is universities such as Griffith University, Murdoch University, Stanley College, La Trobe University, Skill Australia, Victoria University among other universities empowering students to shine in not only respective degree programs but also in providing them with practical training.

Hands-on experience has often been termed as the biggest traits these students find at the end of their degree program. A degree course in hospitality and tourism helps students become more experienced and organized with basics helping them to remain focused on the job in stressful times.

Degree courses in hospitality and tourism

What is required is to apply for three types of hospitality and tourism degrees in the university. There are different options like human resources, marketing with particular focus on hospitality, tourism and aviation. Enlisted are tourism and hospitality degrees which include –

Tourism and Leisure

A degree course from a prestigious university is all that it takes to understand several aspects of tourism such as tourism management, tourism planning and tourism marketing. After completion of the course, you get an opportunity to work with travel agencies where you will be heading a job to promote tours.

Tourism & Hospitality Management

A few institutions in Australia offer candidates with different certifications primarily which include Responsible Service of Food, Responsible Service of Alcohol as well as Galileo certification. Service operation management, accommodation management, food and beverage services are among relevant hospitality and tourism-related subjects. You can work as a tour operator or travel consultant after completing the tourism and hospitality management course. Plan and undertake marketing events as an event manager in a restaurant, hotel and conference.

Hospitality Management/International Hospitality Management

It will be of interest if the course in hospitality management or international hospitality management study focuses on customer behavioral patterns, customer services and getting a grip on reality particularly with regards to understanding human resources. On completion of graduation, you can apply for managerial jobs in a club, restaurant or hotel.

Airline & Airport Management

The course is gaining popularity with several jobs associated with airlines and airports. A degree in airline/airport management gives you an equal opportunity to become an airport front manager or airline manager with customer service standards ensuring the safety of aero-planes and the airport. On a student visa for Australia, you can start making inquiries about universities and their courses before applying online.

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