Australia PY Program 2022
January 07, 2022

How Australia PY Program 2022 Makes Migration Easier?

You made it, finally! It is time you want to be a part of the country workforce. But, how can you get started? You are among the many graduates who completed a bachelor or master’s program and looking for a Permanent Residency. Are you wondering how to go about it?

If you want to proceed with a PR, you have to consider Australia PY Program. Besides, you have to secure crucial points which you get if you have relevant work experience. If you do not have experience, things necessary for a Professional Year Program in Australia will be wary and will not go as planned.

With the help of an internship in an Australian company, you can capitalise on if you do not possess any work experience in the relevant field. In addition, you can inherit the skills to shine in your career due to the able guidance of experts.

In other words, the PY program offers you the benefits of availing of a Permanent Residency. Before taking a step further, understand the big picture about the benefits of how accountants, IT, and engineers can benefit.

Benefits for enrolling in PY Program Australia

  • Internship Opportunities:
    There is a growing difficulty for international students to find a job in their field after completing graduation. It is PYP opening numerous pathways wherein students can get jobs. At the same time, companies provide internships to students under a specific program.

    As per Australia Immigration News and Updates, most get a permanent position with these companies. In other words, the program provides an excellent experience to build your resume. It enhances your chances for employment at different Australian companies.

    The PY program is for graduates in Accounting, Information Technology, and engineering fields. It aims to provide skills to qualified graduates and make them more employable and job-ready for applicants to prepare in the Aussie job market. It also helps you to give 5 points towards permanent residency.

    So much so, the PYP works to your advantage as different companies sponsor or hire those individuals who exhibit performance in achieving numerous tasks. The program is an ideal network source that trains people working in the industry.

  • Expands Professional Circle:
    The reason to opt for the PY Program is that it expands social and professional environments. It helps you interact with many professionals in the area of your choice. These people also have similar goals and interests as you.

  • Be Familiar with the Australian Workplace Environment:
    When it comes to workplaces and the environment, every company and country has its specific standards. The Professional Year Program in Australia makes you understand how different professionals work in the island nation and how they keep up with work demands.

  • Extra 5 Points towards PR application:
    On completion of PYP, you obtain 5 points for Australia Permanent Residency. If you want to explore ample opportunities in the country Down Under, it is PYP termed as a great option for you at every stage.

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Professional Year Eligibility Criteria

If you want to qualify for PYP, you need to meet the criteria listed below:

  • You need to complete a postgraduate or undergraduate program at an Australian university
  • You should hold or apply for 485 if you are a visa holder
  • Show proof that you have secured a minimum of 6 bands in IELTS
  • You need to complete vital skill assessments from a professional body

These programs are beneficial for international students after completing their studies. It helps you grow professionally and enhance your chances to become a PR in Australia.

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