Family Visa in Australia
January 07, 2020

Spend Quality Time with Near and Dear On Family Visa in Australia!

A family visa grant makes you happy in Australia. You can bring your near and dear and spend quality time with them on one of the family-sponsored visas. Show relationship proofs if they include your partner, parent or child.

These visas benefit every family member. It also enables them to apply for Permanent Residency. You can sponsor your blood relative if you are a Permanent Resident or citizen of the country. 

In other words, the country’s administration allows residents/citizens to bring family members. These members are living in other countries.

Unlike other countries, immigration laws in the country are lenient. The rules in Australia are flexible particularly when it comes to sponsorship issues.

Types of Australian Family Visa:

1. Child & Adoption Visas

The education of a child is of paramount importance. Working couples leave their children in home countries owing to study issues. Two streams of family visa Australia helping the young are:

      A. Child visa-subclass 101 (Offshore)
      B. Adoption Visa-subclass 102 (Offshore)

Every parent can sponsor their child if he is below 18 years old or if he is a full-time student between 18 and 25 years. Parents or parent’s partners can sponsor them if they are Australian residents or citizens.

Adoption Visa-subclass 102 is another visa that allows a couple to bring children. It can work in their interest if their home country has a direct agreement with the country. Both countries have to under the Hague convention or a bilateral arrangement. You should be a Permanent Resident/citizen of the country if you want to bring the child under the visa. It depends on whether the island nation permits you.

2. Partner Visa

Two visas are of help to every partner. These include Partner Temporary visa-subclass 820 and Partner Visa-subclass 309/100. If subclass 820 is an onshore visa, the other is an offshore one.

Take into consideration three steps. As a married couple, you can bring your partner in Australia. Those individuals who are not married can stay together. They can show proof of their 12-month relationship. Show joint proofs like lease documents, bills, phone addresses and bank balances. If not married and not living together, you have to register your relationship. There are no rigid rules as far as living together in the Regional area of Victoria. But the rules are different when it comes to other regional areas.

You can apply for Partner Visa (offshore)-subclass 309/100 visa on behalf of your partner who can stay with you. The relationship between both partners has to be genuine and long-lasting. When it comes to Partner Visa, you must show proof of phone bills and finances. Both partners must help each other with the relationship lasting one year. Show proofs of joint accounts as well. Besides, provide reliable documentation proofs and trust each other.

Along with these, partners can support one another by providing social details. Every detail has to explain that the relationship is genuine and committed. If need be, you can update your social page and provide social relationship details. It should not include a secret relationship. Besides, provide proof of your 6-month relationship as well.

3. Parent Visa

It is good news for those parents who want to extend their stay in Australia. Parents on a Temporary Sponsored Visa-subclass 870 can wish to stay in the country for 3-5 years. It came into being this year. Besides, they can extend for another term. Several visas allow parents to live and stay in the country on a temporary or permanent basis.

There is no need to provide a balance of family test requirements on a subclass 870. The visa allows you to visit the country on several occasions. You can meet your children at different times. Besides, this visa is not expensive compared to the contributory parent visas. Subclass 870 does not include work rights, nor there are any restrictions. Depending on parents’ health, they can stay for 3 to 5 years.

What is Chain Migration?

Relative sponsored visa covers chain migration. It is part of the family visas. Under the chain migration, you can sponsor your brother, sister, cousin or relatives. Your relative can secure 15 points if he is staying in a designated area. Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa-subclass 491 is the visa he has applied. You can claim more points if you have obtained a good score in PTE Academic TestNAATI CCL test or PY program.

Furthermore, several visas in the family-sponsored stream fulfil your purpose in every way. Are you looking for consultation from the team of experts? It is necessary to approach our experts who guide you on a temporary stay or extending your tour. They also offer guidance on how a Temporary Residency in Australia can fulfil your needs. At best, you can interact with our Aussizz migration and education consultants now!

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