Applying for 485 Temporary Graduate Visa
January 16, 2018

4 Things to Know before applying for 485 Temporary Graduate Visa

As a recent international graduate in Australia, you constantly find yourself tangled in the thoughts of your next move, whether to extend and find work in the country or pursue further studies.

Aren’t you?

Well, regardless of the preference, one option that offers you the privileges of both is applying for Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485).

Specifically designed for international graduates from Australian educational institution, 485 visa comprises of two streams:

  • Graduate Work Stream (valid for 18 months)
  • Post-Study Work Stream (valid from 2 to 4 years)

Over the past few years, there has been an exponential growth in the number of applicants applying for temporary graduate visa as it imposes no restrictions to undertake an employment and also increase the likelihood of acquiring a permanent residency in Australia.

The statistics given below clearly demonstrate the same. Take a look!


Are you also willing to apply for 485 visa?

Before you start prepping for its visa application, we have highlighted few points below that you must know to avoid common pitfalls.

1. English Language Requirement: All the applicants of 485 visa are required to provide evidence of English language proficiency. It can be proved by either of the following tests.

TestListeningReadingWritingSpeakingRequired Overall score
PTE Academic3636363650
TOEFL iBT44141464
Cambridge (CAE)154154154154169

2. Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC): 485 visa has the condition attached as a part of eligibility criteria named 8501 condition wherein the applicant needs to have health cover for the duration of stay in Australia.

This requirement can only be met by getting appropriate level of Overseas Visitor Health Cover. Getting a 485 visa health insurance cover an applicant for number of things including ambulance transport, a portion of doctor’s fees, pharmacy costs, hospital admissions, dental or physiotherapy services, etc.

3. Choosing the right stream: Since 485 visa is divided into two categories, you need to know carefully which category you are falling under i.e. graduate or post graduate.

The Graduate Work Stream is eligible for international students who have been graduated with the skills or qualification that is relevant to the occupation listed on Skilled Occupation List.

The Post-Study Work Stream is eligible for international students graduated with a bachelor, masters or doctoral degree from an Australian education provider irrespective of their field of study.

Evidence you need to meet academic qualification requirement for both streams:

  • Course must have been registered with CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students)
  • Held eligible student visa within 6 months of applying for visa and it must be free of a No Further condition
  • Full transcripts with all the mark sheets
  • Transcripts in case of credit exemptions taken in the last period of study
  • Details of all the completed qualifications (Australia or overseas)
  • Completion letter mentioning the completion date

4. Dependent family members: Temporary graduate visa applicants can only include their partner, child/step child or their partner child/step child in their application. All the dependent members of the family unit are required to meet health and character requirement (Form 80) and appropriate level of health cover.  

Other Important things to consider to get eligible for 485 visa

  • You must have age less than 50
  • You must have completed 16 calendar months of studying in Australia
  • You must lodge your application within 6 months of course completion
  • You must have your skill assessment done from a relevant authority (if applying under graduate work stream)
  • You must have applied for Australian Federal Police Check before applying for the visa


If you are willing to extend your stay in Australia on 485 visa then make sure you lodge your application between the completion of your course and expiry of your student visa.

As you need to meet a lot of criteria in the nick of time, chances are high of making errors in the application and facing a refusal or denial of visa. This is why, it is often recommended to embark upon the process with the best assistance or support available.

We, at Aussizz Group, being registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority), are completely familiar with the current laws, requirements and changes in the Australian immigration. Our assistance in gathering the required documents and lodging a well-prepared application always save our clients from big headaches and get a positive outcome.

Don’t believe us? Why not get in touch with one of our experts today.

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