Parent Visa (subclass 103)

Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department issues Subclass 103 visa to parents who intend to migrate to this country permanently and join their children who are already permanent settlers of Australia. The primary requisite of this visa category is that parents are to be sponsored by children already settled in this country, or by any other eligible Australian sponsor.

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This Subclass 103 visa is meant for parents who have children or stepchildren who are either citizens of Australia, Australian permanent residents, or eligible citizens of New Zealand. In other words, these children must have been legal residents of Australia for a period of at least two years. However relaxation in this precondition may be done on grounds of compassion and compulsion.

It may be noted that for a migrant visa of this category a parent must have more than half of his/her children living in Australia as Australian citizens, permanent residents of country, or an eligible New Zealand citizens. An applicant may include his/ her partner and dependent members in such applications.

In case an immigrant holding Tourist visa subclass 676 issued through ministerial interference wants to opt for a Subclass 103 visa, other eligibility conditions are applicable.


Applying For This Australia Visa

Application for this visa is to be done in accordance with a checklist. It is mandatory to include documentary evidence wherever required in your application. An application complete in every respect and accompanied by requisite fees is assessed and processed faster. The requisite fees cover application cost for primary applicant together with partner and dependents as secondary applicants. In the event an application is rejected or withdrawn this fee is not refunded. For successful applications, a secondary fee is charged separately for every secondary applicant.

Other charges include health examination and police verification costs and varies from nation to nation. Translation cost of supporting documents to English is also to be borne by applicant. It may be noted that evidential documentation must always be in English while applying for Australian immigration.

As applications need to be accurate and complete in every respect, you should avail professional assistance. We at Aussizz, help you in completing visa applications as per guidelines laid down by Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department. A properly and accurately filled in application is processed earlier, and chances of refusal are lowered.

You may add partner or dependents to your application on subsequent dates, however prior to assessment and processing. It may be noted that Immigration and Citizenship Department of Australia issues a fixed number of parent visas every year. In most instances parent applicants are kept in queue as number of parent visa issuances is fixed globally.


Powers of this Visa

Parent Subclass 103 visa entitles the holder and accompanying dependents and partner to stay in this country as permanent residents. You may also take up a study course of choice or get a job. Other facilities you enjoy include:

  • Eligibility for applying for citizenship of Australia
  • Entitlement for social security benefits
  • Access to subsidized healthcare through PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) and Medicare
  • Sponsorship of immigrants wanting permanent residence in this country
Visa Class

Parent visa belongs to a category of family visa. There are many Australian family visas and parent visa is one of them. On 2 June 2014 the government introduced significant changes to the Other Family visas.

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