Education System in Canada for International Students

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Canada’s Education system attracts students from all over the world. Though there is no federal department of education, it is maintained to a high standard by each of the provinces or territories and encompasses both publicly-funded and private schools.

It is also divided into three areas including Primary Education, Secondary/Higher Secondary Education and Tertiary Education.

Primary Education

It starts at five years of age with kindergarten and runs for seven or eight years.

Secondary Education

It starts at twelve or thirteen years of age and runs for three to four years.

Higher Secondary

It starts at sixteen or seventeen years of age and runs for two years.

Teritiary Education

It includes both higher education and Vocational education and training (VET).

Vocational Education And Training

Whether you’re recently graduated, want a career change or need to gain advanced skills in your existing profession, the vocational schools in Canada offers a plethora of study options customised to individual’s interests and goals. The vocational schools cover a range of fields and also help gain knowledge in a variety of occupations.

Foundation Studies

Those who, in any case, do not meet the requirements of an education program can opt for foundation studies. With a duration of one year, foundation course is usually taken before starting a university program. It helps student improve academic performance to study for a full degree.

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