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Academics in the UK are a much sought after pursuit for International students. There is a good reason why. There are tons of advantages attached. Colleges and Universities in UK lead the world in several disciplines. These range from science, engineering, business, management, finance, law, and more.

As a result, the UK attracts the best international students.

More than 600,000 international students visit the UK to pursue a variety of programmes. Indians students in the UK constitute one of the fastest-growing nationalities.

From April 2018 to March 2019, there was a 40% rise in the number of Indian students granted visas.

Also, the number of Indians studying in the UK has almost doubled in the last three years (from 2016).

Quality Of Education

Most aspirants wish to study in the UK as there’s exposure to modern learning methods and a high level of tech. Further, there is a global recognition of the courses and excellent faculty.

Students get a lot of freedom to pick and choose classes, develop a skill-set, and boost their career.

Apply with/without* IELTS

A high band score in IELTS is usually a crucial requirement for most Universities. But, many UK universities are willing to look beyond IELTS. These rely on alternative ways of gauging the student’s skill in English.

Some universities consider the student’s 10th and 12th English scores. They also conduct telephonic/personal interviews to determine the level of English.

Opportunities for work after the study period

International students can apply for a job in the UK after the completion of their study period.

Multicultural Environment

As you may know, UK is multicultural. International students get the unique opportunity to interact with people of different nationalities.

The UK is well-suited for International students for a plethora of reasons.

Some of them are:

  • It is the world leader in education in various disciplines
  • The courses offered are recognised
  • While being top-notch, some of the Universities also offer relatively affordable programmes
  • Work opportunities after study mean students can kick-start a career right away
  • Multi-cultural environment

You will need to furnish your passport details, photos, offer letter from the course provider, proof of financial support, etc


We can introduce you to Universities that offer quality courses at affordable costs and guide you through the whole application process


A 2-year post-study work visa after completion of education helps you start your career in the United Kingdom


We can help you apply to Universities that have alternative ways of determining your English proficiency

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