Skilled Work Regional (provisional) Subclass 491 Visa

Do you want to live and work in designated regional areas of Australia? Aspiring to extend your stay for five years?

Apply for Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) – subclass 491 visa that was introduced by Australia recently!

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Opting for the Subclass 491 Visa

The Subclass 491 Visa, known as Skilled Work Regional (Provisional), offers a provisional opportunity for skilled workers and their families to reside, learn, and work in specified regional areas across Australia for a period of 5 years. This visa comes with a 5-year validity and opens a pathway to Permanent Residence (Subclass 191) after 3 years, contingent upon meeting all necessary conditions.


Visa Eligibility Requirements:

To qualify for the visa, individuals must –

  • Be nominated by a government of a state or territory, or be sponsored by a family member who resides in a recognized regional area.


Recognized Regional Locations in Australia

Recognized regional locations encompass Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast, and Hobart. It’s important to note that Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne are not included in these regions.


Allocation of Points for Subclass 491 Visa

The Subclass 491 Visa, similar to other visas under the General Skilled Migration program, evaluates applicants through a points test. This assessment includes points for the applicant’s age, educational background, work experience both in Australia and internationally, proficiency in English, and education in Australia. Recently, the points system for Skilled Migration Visas underwent updates, allowing applicants to earn extra points in several new categories.

  • Accumulate 15 points through nomination by a State or Territory government or sponsorship by a family member in regional Australia.
  • Attain 10 points for having a skilled spouse or de facto partner.
  • Acquire 10 points if you are without a spouse or de facto partner, or if your partner is an Australian citizen or holds permanent residency.
  • Add 5 points to your application if your spouse or de facto partner demonstrates competent English and is neither an Australian citizen nor a permanent resident.
  • Bag 10 points for qualifications in selected STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines.


Guidance on Obtaining an Invitation for the 491 Visa

To be considered for an invitation, candidates receive a score based on certain criteria, including:

  1. Applicants with skilled partners or those without any partners.
  2. Applicants whose partners can demonstrate Competent English through relevant proof.
  3. Applicants partnered with individuals who cannot provide evidence of Competent English or do not qualify for skilled partner points.


Can 491 Visa Holders Apply for Additional Visas?

Applicants with a 491 visa face limitations on applying for other visas under the General Skilled Migration scheme.

Understanding Your Path to Permanent Residency

The Subclass 491 visa grants a five-year stay, leading to eligibility for the PR SC 191 visa upon fulfilling specific requirements.

Eligibility for the Subclass 191 visa includes:

  • Stay, study, or undertake employment in a designated regional area for three years with a 491 visa.
  • Maintain a minimum annual earning of $53,900 for three consecutive years.
FAQs About Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) 491 Visa Australia

The Subclass 491 Visa is intended for skilled individuals to work and live in Australia’s regional parts, providing a provisional route towards permanent residence.

This visa directs skilled individuals to areas with skill shortages, bolstering economic and community development in those regions.

Distinctively, it mandates nomination by a state or territory or sponsorship by family in a regional area for eligibility, diverging from some other skilled migration paths.

Applicants must list a nominated profession, pass a skills assessment, achieve the points test threshold, secure an invitation, and comply with health and character prerequisites.

The points test evaluates factors like age, language skills, professional experience, educational background, and regional support to ascertain eligibility.

Eligible family members, including spouses and dependent offspring, can be part of the application, subject to health and character validations.

Selecting an accurate profession at the application stage is vital as modifications later could jeopardize the visa’s validity.

After meeting specific regional living and working stipulations, Subclass 491 Visa recipients may qualify for permanent residency through the Subclass 191 Visa.

They must dwell, work, and study in a specified regional locale and keep the authorities informed of their whereabouts.

Processing times are subject to change, with the most current details available on the Department of Home Affairs’ official site.

Initiate with an Expression of Interest through SkillSelect, followed by a detailed visa application after invitation, including necessary paperwork.

Visa Class

General Skilled Migration Visa essentially serves the best to those skilled workers who are willing to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis.

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