Prince Edward Island PNP Labour Impact Category

This category is for people who intend to live in the province, but not own or manage a business. If such an individual does have the right skills, enough experience, and the educational qualifications so required by the labour market of the province, they could immigrate there through this category.

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There are two streams under the Labour Impact category. They are:

Skilled Worker Stream

If an individual is going to be hired, or has already been hired by an employer in the province, this stream will provide them with an opportunity to immigrate there.

These are the criteria that they would have to fulfill in order to qualify:

  • They should be aged in between 21 and 59 years.
  • The job offer they get, or about to get, should be for a full-time one, at least 2 years long, which also falls under NOC level 0, A, or B.
  • If the individual is already working in the province, they should have a work permit, a valid one, to do so.
  • Their present status in the country of their residence should be a legal one.
  • They must have completed at least a two-year course of post-secondary education.
  • They must possess at least 2 years of experience either working full time, or studying.
  • They must show that they have enough money to settle down in the province.
  • They proficiency in either French or English should be well enough. A score of 4.0 on IELTS test, or a declaration by the employer in the province saying the applicant’s language ability is fine, or studying at an institute where the primary medium of education was in French or English, can be used as a proof.

Here is the list of criteria for the employer to fulfill, under this stream:

  • The job they offer should be at least a two year long one.
  • This position should be offered keeping in mind the education, work experience, and prior training of the applicant.
  • The wages offered should meet the standards set by the province as well as the Canadian government.
  • The job must be based out of the province of PEI.
  • The contract with respect to this job, and further the settlement support should be verifiable.

Critical Worker Stream

If an individual is involved in a profession that is either unskilled or else semi-skilled in nature, while they work for a business based out of PEI, or have an employer in the province ready to sponsor them for a PR, they might find this stream of great help to allow them in immigrating.

Here is the list of criteria that an applicant would need to get fulfilled, before they qualify under this stream:

  • They should be no less than 21, and no more than 59 years old.
  • They should be holding a work permit that is valid.
  • They should be legally residing in the country of their current residence.
  • They should at least have passed high school.
  • They should prove that they are financially astute enough to support themselves living in the province.
  • Their proficiency in either of the languages English or French, should be good enough. They can prove it by getting a score of no less than 4.5 in Listening, 3.5 in Reading, 4 in Writing, 4 in Speaking, with an overall score of at least 4 while having spent 6 months, at the least, working for an employer in the province, on a full-time basis.
  • In addition to all the above requirements, the applicant should have a job offer for an unskilled or a semi-skilled position, with an NOC level of C or D, which is full-time and long-term in nature.

The most common job positions that get qualified under this stream, are:

  • customer service
  • truck driver
  • server (food and beverage)
  • general labour
  • housekeeping