Yukon PNP Critical Impact Worker Program

This is an employer-driven program which helps the employers in the province of Yukon to target and nominate foreign nationals who have the experience as well as the qualifications to be in demand in the province, specifically for a job that falls into category of NOC level C or D.

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Here are the requirements that an individual would have to keep in mind, in order to qualify under this program of immigration:

  • They would have to be qualified enough, as well as possess the kind of experience as specified under NOC, for the job they’re getting offered. Educational qualification less than a high school diploma will not be taken into consideration.
  • The work experience they show, should be at least 6 months long, and it should be related to the field of work same as this job they’re getting.
  • If they have been living in Canada while applying under this category, they should maintain a work permit throughout the process of assessment and application.
  • If they have been residing in the country on a study permit, they would have to provide a proof of wither a year-long certificate course, or a diploma or Bachelor’s course which should be at least 2 years long.
  • They should have completed no less than level 8 of the ESL program, showing their proficiency in English as a second language.
  • Their test results in either IELTS or CELPIP, considering only the general test in both the cases, for English, and TEF for French, will be considered.

These are the minimum scores they will have to obtain:

Language Language Proficiency Tests Minimum Scores Required
English Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) 4 in Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, each.
English International English Language Testing Score (IELTS): 4 in Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, each.
French Test d’évaluation du Français (TEF) 3 in Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, each.

Here is the list of minimum requirements for employers to meet, in order for them to gain eligibility under this category:

  • The employer will necessarily have to be a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.
  • They should have been running their business in the province, since at least a year, or must be a government body recognized in the province.
  • The labour standards set by the province of Yukon must be met.
  • The corporate registry in Yukon should be able to show this business registered, and a copy of their business license would also need to be submitted.
  • They would need to provide health insurance to the nominees, and it should be free of cost, giving them the same coverage as they would expect in the form of health benefits from the government, had they been permanent residents.
  • The salary they offer them, should be either more than or at least equal to what the standard median rates exist in the province.
  • They would be required to pay the travelling cost of the nominee, to and from their country of residence (in case they don’t live in Yukon). The return ticket will also need to be taken care of, by the employee, until the nominee gains a PR. But, they won’t be obliged in any way to pay for the costs of travel for any dependents of the nominee.
  • Arranging the nominee’s screening interview with the immigration officer in the province, given that the individual is in Yukon at the time, as well as being present for this interview too.
  • Conducting a detailed verification of the educational qualifications and work experience of their nominee, before they submit the application.
  • Pay $230 in the form of compliance fee while submitting their offer of employment using the employment portal found on IRCC; and this should be before the nominee tries to gets an employer-specific work permit, in case they are not required to go through the LMIA process.
  • The employer will need to advertise the vacancy created in their company, for no less than 4 weeks, before they apply through this category; they will need to run at least 2 local ads and 1 national ad to try to recruit a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada.