Permanent Resident Status in Canada
October 25, 2021

Benefits of Permanent Resident Status in Canada

When it comes to choosing the best country quite hospitable and friendly to immigrants, it is Canada. Many benefits of Canadian Permanent Resident lie in front of you and one of them being you can avail PR in short-run.

The country is a perfect place where all seek out a purpose to live a prosperous lifestyle alongside excellent living conditions. Besides, the country is an ideal nation when it comes to job opportunities, healthcare and retirement benefits.

Residing in the country does not imply that you are singled out. If you happen to be a foreigner, you are welcomed thus helping you to come and settle permanently. On the other hand, the laws are simplified to a vast degree where you are entitled for same social benefits as the country’s citizens receive.

Benefits of Canadian PR You Wish to Explore:

  • Free coverage in terms of healthcare
  • You can study, live and work in the country
  • Apply for citizenship after many years
  • If you are an entrepreneur or businessman, you can start your own business on the full-fledged basis
  • Lucrative scholarships do await you
  • Open your bank account and get driver license on time

Listed Below are Other Canada PR Benefits:

  • Families who have children under 18 are described as low-income. Under Canada Child Tax, they can avail monthly tax-free payments thereby helping families in daily tasks.
  • Financial assistance is provided to elderly under the Canada Pension Plan after they reach retirement age. Current age is 65 years
  • Public school system in Canada grants free education to children under 18 years of age
  • An entire one-year leave is provided to women under maternity leave. Generally, they receive 50 to 75% of their salary.

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The laws which are applicable to Canada Permanent Residency only favours if you spent two years out of a period of five years.

As far as age criteria are concerned, there are no age limit. But, you need to achieve minimum score in the different selection elements. Obtain an Invitation to Apply (ITA) if you want to apply for Canadian PR visa. You may lose Permanent Residency benefits if you live outside Canada for more extended period.

Though the above inferences are about PR, there are few guidelines which an individual has to be made aware of in case he wants to become a Canadian citizen.

Some of Them are Listed Below:

  • Of 6 years, you should complete 4 years of your stay as Permanent Resident. Only then will you be eligible to file your application for Canadian citizenship. Due process will follow if an applicant is physically present for 7 months before filing his application.
  • On being granted with citizenship, you can vote in local and provincial elections and if you desire, you can get involved in political activities.

On the contrary, the country authorities ensure every international student stands to gain while studying in top ranking universities with best degree programs equivalent to the USA and European countries. Other benefits await them where students get an opportunity to work after completion of studies.

Safe environment, high employment rate and leisure options are among the many benefits these students receive while studying in a conducive environment. Different procedures entail your student visa, university and degree program, PR application to becoming a Canadian citizen. Evincing interest to study, work and settle in the country permanently?

Contact Aussizz Group and interact with Canada Immigration Agents for the student visa, procedures and PR benefits now.

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