May 15, 2020

COVID Scams: Stay Safe from These Common Immigration Scams & Protect Your Wealth

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic bringing the world to a grinding halt, we have witnessed scams related to Coronavirus that have caused considerable financial losses. Some of the more common scams are related to immigration.

Let’s take a detailed look at these and the known modus operandi so that you can secure yourself and your family from such losses.

Fake Visa Grant

If you have already applied for a visa to another country, your data may be used by the scammers. You may receive emails or messages stating that your visa has been granted, and that you need to make a payment immediately for further processing of the same.

To instill a sense of urgency in you, the message may further state that if you don’t make the payment without any delay, then it would invalidate your application.

To the unassuming citizen, these messages can appear to arrive from ‘GOV’ or ‘myGOV’ giving it a veneer of credibility. You may also receive electronic communication purportedly from the government departments on the subject of a “visa grant”.

If you have any doubt over any communication regarding the visa processing, please visit the official website of Australia Immigration, and log in to your account to check the status.

Fake Skill Assessment

Yet, another scam that you may fall victim to is a fake skill assessment. Skill assessment is a part of the Australia visa processing, especially in General Skilled Migration (GSM), Employer Sponsored Visas, Temporary Graduate Visas etc. Please note that official skills assessments are only issued by relevant authorities.

Any other communication you receive through message or email is not to be taken seriously. In case of doubts, check with the official authority for your pending skills assessments report.

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Fake Visa Application

Please note that due to the COVID-19 situation, most visa processing for countries like Australia etc. have been put on hold, at least temporarily.

If you receive any communication regarding some special stream of visa processing during this time of COVID-19, it is most likely fake. Please be sure to check with official websites.

Overseas Education Scams

You may also receive messages related to admission spots becoming available in overseas institutions due to the COVID-19 situation. A message may arrive in your inbox asking you to make a token payment in order to book your seat in the college, so that you can resume your studies after the pandemic subsides.

Such messages may claim to be from the college itself. In case of doubt, check with the relevant college authorities to double check.

In case you receive such a message, you can also check it with professional visa and Education Consultants like Aussizz Group. Even during the lockdown, we are just one call away. Before parting with your money over a small message or email you may have received, be sure to check with the experts.

We are happy to help you with genuine guidance about your visa application during this lockdown period.

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