Reap GSM Dividends to Fulfil Australian Visa Criteria, Explore Job Avenues!
March 20, 2019

Reap GSM Dividends to Fulfil Australian Visa Criteria, Explore Job Avenues!

Following your stay in the United Arab Emirates for many years, you are tempted to visit the island nation of Australia. Numerous benefits you are bound to receive.

Major takeaways are there as well that outnumber with each passing day. These include affordable living, job security and raising a family. Climb the ladder of success with several job opportunities lying in front of you. More so, file your application for the number of jobs after applying for Australian visas—Skilled Nominated Visa – subclass 190, Skilled Independent Visa – subclass 189, Skilled Regional Provisional Visas – subclass 489, and others. These are part of the General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa category.

GSM, in other words, is described as the best visa program for you with ample provisions covering Permanent Residency benefits. After being granted the job, you are meted with the same treatment similar to a citizen. The primary reason is the state, or territorial government sponsors you directly with few takers representing the local population. Seek a host of jobs with your preferences meant to avail employment benefits in the Regional Areas of the country.

Skilled professionals like you benefit to a large extent if you want to immigrate to the country from the UAE.


  • Whether you qualify
  • Job opportunities
  • Agent’s assistance or going it alone

Whether You Qualify

Search for a job thereby solving visa related issues. Before possessing a visa, you have to meet the eligibility criteria mentioning your appropriate age category, education and work experience details and if you achieved a good band in IELTS or PTE. Some GSM visas are based on different pathways that are as per job duration and Permanent Residency benefits.

After filling these details, get an immigration assessment done at the earliest. Complete the evaluation with migration pathways open for you.

Job Opportunities

The best option that works in your interest is if you find an appropriate job. It depends on the kind of job requirement and type of profession. Are you a skilled professional willing to migrate to Australia from Dubai and if you want to be nominated by the state or territorial government?

Be specific by mentioning your job timeline too. Your job description has to be complete before availing visa benefits. Many visas are part of the General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa program. These include Skilled Nominated Visa, Skilled Independent Visa, Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa, and others. Every visa document has to be scrutinized by the immigration department authorities.  

Agent’s Assistance or Going it Alone

Despite being aware of visa norms and procedures, you still want to seek the assistance of an immigration consultant in Dubai. The expert has to be a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) and should be an individual who obtained a license with the office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Since you are new to the country and want to secure a permanent stay, it is important for you to seek the assistance of a professional solving a range of immigration issues.

Over time, these issues commonly surface on a daily basis. It is beneficial for you to resolve them at the earliest. Every year the Australian government announces the list of occupations in different regions of the country. Aspiring candidates join the country’s workforce and are inducted in 5 major cities—Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane or Regional Areas of Australia. Given a choice, you can apply for the best position based on your candidature and visa type.

Last but not least, secure the best immigration pathway if you want the desired position. Seek guidance on GSM visas. In case you are looking for necessary feedback, your interaction with our influential teams of Education and Immigration Consultants at Aussizz Group – Dubai is of utmost importance. Their vast expertise and many years of experience help you tackle a number of visa issues on time.

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