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March 07, 2019

Study in Australia: Student accommodation tops priority for international students!

On the one hand, you seek admission in an educational institute in Australia. Whereas on the other, accommodation remains your primary cause of concern as an international student. Before leaving for the country, make sure you crosscheck whereabouts of living places without hampering your studies.

With the majority of these youth new to the country and don’t have relatives residing here, these questions tend to be universal. Be aware of the vital fact that the country is developed hence attracting thousands of students each year. It is not an alien land for each of them arriving in large numbers on Australian student visas. Finding decent accommodation is not grave as it seems to be.

Adopt the right approach to counter many doubts. Listed below are some points:

1. Accommodation within campus

Neither you wish to travel long distances between your institute and home. Your accommodation is situated right on the college campus. Premier universities in the country provide international students with their on-campus housing.

As a student, many benefits are in the offing. Alongside university accommodation, you can visit a library nearby and refer to books as part of your study or reach a lecture room for group lectures. Since you paid for the accommodation, there doesn’t raise any issue of worrying over cleanliness. At best, experience joy of living in the university with you and your classmates taking notes and sharing. Another benefit regarding this accommodation type is that no landlords are providing you with lease agreements.

Due to many international students arriving on study purposes each year, you have to ensure to pay up accommodation fees on time after registration of the university’s degree program.

2. Accommodation outside campus

In case you want to stay alone, you can opt for private housing. Since it is off-campus, you don’t have difficulty paying a huge sum. This accommodation can be well-tried. Experience luxury living. Rather than living in hostels, you can book for rental housing in a shared apartment or a studio flat. Living in these places may help you to experience as if you are living at your home.

3. Family stay

On some occasions, you might feel lonely while living independently or you would not like to enjoy the company of living with others in a shared apartment. If you want to stay with an Australian family, there are many places where you can get decent accommodation as per your budget. Majority of students prefer to stay with these families; hence this type of housing is gaining popularity with each passing day. Since many universities will help you to find an affordable home stay, it is advisable you conduct your research and find the right one as per your liking.

4. Sharing room/house

This point is similar to accommodation outside campus, but budget factors are evaluated here. Share a room/house that is affordable rather than moving into a luxurious flat. If you don’t have trouble sharing your accommodation with 5-6 people keeping studies in mind, this kind of luxury comes handy.

These issues are specifically governed on the basis of individual’s tastes and preferences alongside bearing in mind budgetary factors. The best way to overcome student accommodation issue is by visiting university website and by seeking assistance from our team of immigration consultants. For all queries related to student visa rules and procedures, immigration policies, hostel accommodation, air travel and specific information on your secured stay, feel free to speak to our immigration and educational consultants in Dubai today.

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