Study in Australia: Here is a quick check of 10 student visa issues!
February 05, 2019

Study in Australia: Here is a quick check of 10 student visa issues!

Announcing plans to study in Australia is subjected to lots of discussion. Be firm in your approach as a recognised course from a prestigious college/university is bound to shape your career. Though several factors weigh on your mind, you are unable to decide how to proceed.

Among issues confronting you is regarding country’s immigration policies. This is among the areas you cannot ignore since it is your student visa application that counts at the end of the day. Before applying for Australian Visa, you have to provide a written statement to country’s immigration authorities. The statement, referred to as Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE), describes your intention and purpose of your visit to Australia. The more documents you attach along with the statement, the better it helps you.

On the other hand, there are some issues you need to consider before applying for your visa application. These consist of-

  1. How shall I proceed
  2. Mention the place where I can apply
  3. Types of Student visa
  4. Furnishing financial documents
  5. Proficient in English language
  6. Can my family members accompany me?
  7. Whether I am permitted to work?
  8. Duration of stay
  9. Benefits for international students?
  10. Seeking visa guidance

1) How shall I proceed

This is among the relevant issue that cannot be overlooked in hindsight. You have to choose a university and a course of your liking. Australian immigration authorities ask you to submit these documents which you need to forward to them at the earliest.

2) Mention place where I can apply

Visit visa application center within the city and forward every valid document supporting your candidature. These documents are part of your application process along with your biometric details necessary. Otherwise, there is strong possibility of your application getting rejected.

3) Types of student visa

Australian Student Visa-subclass 500 and Student Guardian Visa-subclass 590 are among the two different visas. Subclass 500 comes handy if you want to pursue your education in the country and subclass 590 allows you to stay in the country as your age is below 18 years.

4) Furnishing financial documents

Part of your application includes specific details regarding your finances. These details have to be provided to immigration authorities. Be it—your course fees, living expenses, travel expenses etc. Submit these details so that you are confirmed with the student visa.

5) Proficient in English language

It depends on the kind of scores you obtained in IELTS or PTE examination. If you get a good score between 6 and 6.5 Band in IELTS and achieve overall score of 50 to 64, you are likely to benefit. This depends on your desired institution, level of study and being citizen of a particular country. Avail services of our education consultants in Australia if you are stuck with education related issues pertaining to studying in the 5 of the prominent main cities in the country or Regional Australia.

6) Can my family members accompany me?

You have to show valid documents mentioning sufficient funds that are needed to support each of your dependents.

7) Whether I am permitted to work or not

In case you are a student visa applicant, you are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week. You are allowed to work only after your course has started. Such rules apply if you have dependents.

8) Duration of your stay

As part of initial student visa application, you are allowed to stay till completion of your course. There is a provision to stay for short duration depending on your course—from period of 60 days to 4 months.

9) Benefits for international students

As far as the country’s immigration policies are concerned, there are several restrictions in place. It is students benefitting to large extent specifically when it comes to quality of their foreign education. These restrictions prevent some of the unrecognised colleges where quality of education is not up to the mark.

10)  Seeking visa guidance

Expert guidance is the need of the hour and if you have proper consultation with the right team of immigration and education consultants, it can work wonders for you. Besides, you can get the best advice from the Registered Migration Agents who are efficient in handling number of issues you are confronted with especially in terms of coping with Australian immigration policies.

Be rest assured while trying to focus on visa immigration and education issues step by step. Number of issues can be tackled if you seek expert opinion of our visa consultants in Dubai. Their many years of experience and expertise clears many doubts related to your Australian Student Visa.

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