New Brunswick PNP Express Entry Labour Marketing Stream

An applicant through this stream, would need to complete and then send an EOI to the NBPNP, in order to be considered for immigration through the federal system of Express Entry. The information that they provide, will be taken into account, adjudicated upon, and finally the applicant will be scored based upon it.

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Here is a list of criteria for adjudication, that is made use of, under this stream:

  • Your score will be taken into consideration.
  • It will be checked how much you can contribute to the economy of the province.
  • You will have to demonstrate your ability for settlement in the province.
  • You will need to submit proof of your previous experience and your skills with respect to those sectors of the labour market which show a high demand of skilled labour. These market sectors are for the provincial government to determine.

The applicants who rank in the top, will be then invited to apply to the (Under this stream of NBPNP) to (Under this stream of New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program). Once a candidate receives a nomination, their applications are then processed via the Express Entry system of Canada, which on account of being really fast and really efficient, takes around six months from the date of submission, to do so.

An applicant will also have to prove their eligibility through the following regulations, pertaining to this particular stream of NBPNP:

  • The applicant must make commit to permanently work and live in the province of New Brunswick – and this should be a signed commitment.
  • The person will have to meet each and every criterion, like regarding their adaptability, language proficiency, NOC skill level, assessment score on the points grid, and so on.
  • The candidate should be no younger than 22 years, and no older than 25 years old.
  • The selection factors pertaining to the Skilled Worker Program of Canada should all be met by the applicant. Their score should be no less than 67 out of 100.
  • If the applicant says they’ve complete their education outside of Canada, they will need to get an ECA, that is Educational Credential Assessment done. They will also have to submit their test score to prove their language proficiency, and get proof in terms of valid documentation regarding their previous work experience.

These are the conditions under which an applicant won’t be allowed to participate in the immigration process through this stream:

  • If the applicant intends to get employed in a job which has an NOC level C or D.
  • If the person is found to have an unresolved humanitarian or compassionate claim in Canada.
  • If they have also applied under some other program to immigrate to Canada.
  • If they are found to be residing in their own country, unlawfully.
  • If the applicant has an unresolved refugee claim, or they’re a failed refugee claimant, living in Canada.
  • If they’ve been prohibited to enter the country.
  • If they’re under a removal order in the country.
  • If they’re still a full-time student in Canada, studying in an institute for post-secondary education.
  • If the applicant is a live-in caregiver.
  • If they’re anything, but a full-time worker. So, being a part-time, casual, or seasonal worker will not count.
  • If the applicant holds a postgraduate work permit in Canada, which is valid for a job of NOC level C or D.
  • If they’re found working in a job which is not based out of New Brunswick.
  • If the person is not able to provide a valid proof regarding the funds they need to immigrate to New Brunswick.
  • If the applicant has the intention of being self-employed, once they arrive in the province.

Under this stream of New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program, there are 3 categories or tiers of potential immigrants, divided according to the various levels of priority. The various requirements, with respect to each priority level or tier has been listed below; but, on top of those requirements, the prior work experience of an applicant, if any, in the field of any high demand occupation, will also work in increasing the priority of the application. Particularly, the province is interested in welcoming people who speak French fluently, while also being skilled workers.

NBPNP Top Priority Applicants

If an applicant proves a certain connection to the province of New Brunswick, while having sent their EoI, are given the top level of priority under the NBPNP, through this stream.

Here are the ways in which a candidate could prove themselves connected to New Brunswick:

  • They must have any of their family members living in the province, as a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen, since a year or more. (EoI keyword: relatives)
  • The applicant should have worked previously in the province, for at least a year any time in the previous 5 years. (EoI keyword: previous work experience)
  • They must be currently working in the province. (EoI keyword: work)
  • They must have completed their post-secondary education or their university education in New Brunswick. (EoI keyword: education)
  • The applicant must have their first language as French, while applying under one of the qualifying occupations. (EoI keyword: French)

While sending an EoI to the NBPNP, the applicant will have to pay attention to the subject they use for the email. The subject must be: “Connection to New Brunswick, [EOI keyword]”. Special attention will be needed while using the right EoI Keyword. If there’s even a minor mistake in the subject line of the email, it will not be considered, and therefore, any chance of the NBPNP officials making a contact with the applicant will stand void.

NBPNP Second Priority Applicants

The next priority level belongs to applicants who would have attended either a recruitment event (domestic, or international – any would do), or an information session by NBPNP, any time in the previous 2 years. Only by having officially registered for such an event, or having had a direct communication with any NBPNP official at one such event, would an applicant be able to prove they did actually attend.

An applicant who emails an Express of Interest, must write the subject of such an email, correctly. The subject should read: NBPNP Information Session, [date]. The date would be that of the recruitment or information-related event. Not even a speck of inaccuracy in the subject of the email will be entertained – such emails will result in the EoI being considered void.

NBPNP Third Priority Applicants

The third level of priority is reserved for people who neither have a connection to the province, nor have they attended one of the information or recruitment sessions. A number of times, the very limited applications accepted, come from the first two priority levels, rendering any third priority candidate out of the selection process.

For these applicants, it is even more essential they show their genuine intention to permanently reside in the province, while showcasing an ability to establish themselves economically. Any previous education or training, as well as their work skills are great way for these applicants to demonstrate both their intention as well as ability.

Here’s a list of occupations, in one of which, if a third priority applicant finds employment, they might become eligible under the stream:

  • Certified accountants
  • Retail managers
  • Mechanics (industrial)
  • Manufacturing managers
  • Hospitality managers including professional chefs
  • Bookkeepers
  • Language translators
  • Business analysts
  • Electricians (industrial)
  • Computer programmers
  • Financial analysts
  • Information technology professionals including analysis, sales, and technical customer support

The applicant, while emailing their EoI,will need to use the subject line: Open – [profession]. The profession here would mean the occupation that they’ve previous experience or training in. Even the smallest discrepancy in the subject line of such email, would result in nullifying the EoI of the applicant.