New Brunswick PNP Skilled Worker with Family Support

This category of NBPNP is for people who have certain close ties to the province, who have a family member in New Brunswick who is ready to sponsor them, and who have special training or skills that can help them contribute to the region, even if they do not hold a job.

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Here are the requirements for potential immigrants to take care of, if they want to participate in this category of NBPNP:

  • The applicants under the stream can be anywhere between 22 and 50 years of age.
  • Their language proficiency, whether their language of choice be English or French, should be good enough for the region.
  • The Family Supporter they have in New Brunswick, should be a close relative of theirs.
  • They must bear valid documentation demonstrating their skills, experience, training, appropriate licenses, and educational qualification that deem them fit for their whichever occupation they choose to work in.
  • They must be able to demonstrate their intention to permanently work as well as reside in the province.
  • They should have at least $10,000, with an additional $2,000 for every family member that intends to accompany them – this is the minimum amount of money which will be required of the applicant for them to immigrate to New Brunswick.
  • Whichever job they choose to do, it should have an NOC level A, B, O, C – category 1,3,7,8,9, or D – category 1,3,7,8,9.

For a family member living in New Brunswick, to sponsor an applicant under this NBPNP stream, these are the requirements they’d have to fulfill:

  • They must be a permanent resident in, or a citizen of Canada.
  • They should be living full-time in the province, while being financially self-dependent.
  • They should only be supporting one applicant at a time.
  • As for the settlement plan of an applicant, their family member from the province will have to provide them assistance.
  • The family member will have to be a close relative, like spouse, child, sister, brother, nephew, niece, grandparent, or their common-law partner.
  • They should have been working or managing their business out of New Brunswick, since at least a year prior to the submission of the candidate’s application.