Approach AAT for visa refusal in Australia
August 12, 2019

Visa Rejected? Approach AAT for visa refusal in Australia!

It has delivered a huge blow! You heard that the immigration authority of Australia cancelled your Temporary Graduate Visa—subclass 485. Pursuing further studies as an onshore student remains a dream. In other instances, one comes across terms such as visa refusal, rejection and denial. Even though they appear different, they convey the same message.

Now, you face another issue. No longer you will be granted with subclass 485 visa. Even though you are on a student visa, you face several problems one after another.


In case of rejection, the best option is to approach the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for review and quick response. This body is independent comprising of members. Heave a sigh of relief as the Tribunal member is no friend of immigration authority. It is, however, good news for those individuals who can challenge the immigration officials. You can also explain the possible reasons why you heard visa cancellation in the first place.

But to appear in the hearing, you have to prepare everything in advance. Your case has to be genuine with valid proofs backing your arguments. If your arguments are justified, you can win at the AAT. There will be no issue you will be confronted with if the details provided by you are sufficient and explained in detail. On compassionate grounds, the member will appeal against visa refusal and review your details. Based on them, he will ask the immigration authority to grant you with the visa.

Time is running here. As a student, you have 21 days for AAT appeal. Ensure in addressing your decisions before the Tribunal. It is necessary to protect your interests. If you failed to do so in the stipulated time and if it extends beyond 35 days, you no longer can appeal for your rights.

Generally speaking, the situation arises when you are stuck with a significant decision. You don’t have sufficient time to argue your case while the authority on the other has put your case aside. The only route you can think of is approaching the Tribunal representative. In the hearing, you should not use titles like Sir or Ma’am. It is necessary to address him as a Member. Try to convince him that you are a genuine student with good attendance and academic record. It will help you to win the case.

Rest assured! Neither you have to consider yourself isolated nor singled out as you are in a face to face conversation with an interpreter. He also happens to be an AAT member who will listen to detailed replies based on questions coming your way. Provide genuine responses as well. It is, however, necessary for you to provide him with facts and explain the reasons for what led the visa cancellation. Along with delivering student visa documents, you must submit medical certificates, statutory declaration and other details. On the other hand, explain to the member why the visa rights were denied.

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It was a major disappointment for a student who enrolled in a different course on a student visa. He was denied Graduate Visa for further studies. He tried to justify his stand before AAT member, but the latter was of no help. The applicant had mentioned a different course in the visa application. In another incident, a student was not granted the visa and left his course midway due to illness.

In a nutshell, you have to be firm in your decision in case you landed in such an issue. In case you are unable to arrive at any decision, especially when it came to tackling immigration, speak to our Australia Immigration Consultants now!

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