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April 14, 2017

Attention!! RSMS 187 Visa Applications Suspended in Perth

The Western Australian ‘Department of Training and Workforce Development’ has put a freeze on accepting RSMS 187 Direct Entry Stream applications for the Perth region.

Although 8 other regions of the western state are still being accepted, the RSMS program has been suspended for applications for the popular Perth region while the newly elected McGowan government reviews the WASMOL (WA occupations list) and RSMS program in general.

A confirmation of the Perth freeze is confirmed on the WA RCB website.

Key Points:

  • 187 RSMS for Perth now unavailable
  • Perth now joins other cities such as Newcastle and Wollongong as unavailable for RSMS
  • Perth RSMS freeze aimed to curve WA’s staggering unemployment rate


Reported in The West Australian newspaper, WA’s new premier, Mr Mark McGowan, vowed to have Perth removed from the RSMS scheme, the motive being it would “make it easier for locals to find work”. 2 days after his successful election victory, on 13th March 2017, new applications for Perth RSMS were and remain to be suspended.


Perth now joins other major metropolitan regions such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong that do not have access to the RSMS program but do still have regional areas within their states. With around 160 occupations on this list, the McGowan government aims to lessen the states near-7% unemployment rate by removing the state’s capital as an option for direct permanent residency under employer sponsored visa subclass 187.

What does this mean for me?

While the Direct Entry Stream for 187 Visa has been put on hold, employer nominated visas in Perth still exist through the 457 stream, which although is not direct permanent residency, does not require local RCB approval.

Although the RSMS program is currently under review for Perth region, it seems the McGowan’s government is of strong view that it should be removed.

Although the Perth region is currently not an option for RSMS, the RCB FAQ section of the Western Australian governments website does let you know which other regions and suburbs (via postcode) within WA are still eligible for the program.

Aside from 457, what are my other options for visa applications in Perth?

Aside from 457 visa with minimum 4 year work requirement, applicants may wish to look into their options and evaluate their eligibility for the Points Test for options such as applying for Skilled Independent or State Nominated visas. We understand this puts great strain on anyone who was about to apply for 187 RSMS, therefore please don’t hesitate to contact us for further discussion.

For any specific query related to any type of immigration visa or any other concerns, you can also post it on our immigration expert forum where our experienced staff will provide you with the right advice wherever possible.

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