Clear Genuine Temporary Entrant for Australia Student Visa Grant

Every year tens and thousands of international students pursue their studies by enrolling in the prestigious and premier institutions across Australia. There are abundant opportunities for them-from vocational courses, degree programs to choose the right career pathway. Opt for a diploma, Certificate 3 and 4, Bachelor or Master degree program.

It all depends if you prefer a vocational course, i.e. automotive, Cookery, floor tiling or painting, or wish to opt for a bachelor program in teaching, IT, engineering or accounting.

Our immigration consultants in Australia guide you at every step even if you prefer an MBA, or Master program in Professional accounting, IT, cybersecurity, social work or teaching. But according to them, the most vital component of student visa for Australia is Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) written statement. Every applicant needs to meet the GTE criteria for Australian visa grant.

How to clear your GTE?

Here are Some GTE Points for Australia Student Visa Grant

  1. Be Upfront and Honest

    As an applicant, you have to be truthful and explain why you intend to join a study program. If the opinion expressed is genuine, you would be granted the visa for Australia on time. As part of the student visa Australia cost, you have to pay AUD 620, termed as an application fee.

  2. Evaluation Details

    It is the case officer evaluating minute details of GTE. The statement mentions why you want to study in Australia, describe your course, and how it helps. The other details include degree program, study finances and prospects.

    Equally so, you have to show proofs of financial and family ties with your home country. These details play an essential role and apply to even those who want to convert their tourist visas to student visas. It all depends on the previous experience, education background and interest of the applicant. However, his/her age limit has to be above 18 years for Australian student visa grant.

  3. Give Assurance That You will Return to Home Country

    You can always say you will return on completion of studies as you have an ongoing commitment with your home country. It is a mere assurance you need to provide.

    Some of the points are-

    • Mention about your family members and dependents
    • Provide employment and family income details
    • Whether or not you have assets in your name
    • Are there outstanding dues such as mortgages or loans you need to clear?
  4. Explain Why You want to Pursue Studies in Australia

    Cite reasons why you opted the island nation and courses you enrolled. You can describe the university and degree programs in detail. Be it Diploma, Bachelor or Master degree programs.

    Also, You can Provide Details Such as:

    • If at all the course or courses you enrolled in are related to your employment or qualifications
    • If a particular course shapes your career
    • What form of employment might help you after completion of studies
    • List of career opportunities

    The Other Details Include:

    • List out career opportunities after graduation
    • Mention the country you prefer to work after graduation
    • Salary information that different companies are offering
    • Whether or not you want to study in Australia for business purposes
  5. If Australia, Why?

    You need to explain possible reasons why you choose Australia. If necessary, provide details of spouse or partner, children and living arrangements. You can also include information that you have friends and relatives living in Australia.


Last but not least, every applicant has to comply with GTE norms for student visa grant. If you face any difficulty while clearing your GTE and fail to understand Australian immigration rules and regulations in-depth, feel free to interact with our resourceful team of Australian education consultants now.

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