In-Focus: Macquarie University's Exciting MRes & Dual Master's Program

Macquarie University, Australia, is noted for its bold strides in research and innovation.

It is one of the pioneering names when it comes to providing students with enabling facilities that propel them to innovate and collaborate. It is no wonder then that Macquarie University's courses draw the best minds, whether it be researchers, partners, or academics.

Macquarie’s prowess is recognised internationally. The University regularly features in the top 2% of universities globally. Within Australia, too, it features in the top 10. [Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Ranking of World Universities].

As part of our ongoing series focusing on Universities in Australia, we will talk about Macquarie University in this blog.

This blog features two exciting and academically robust programs on offer at the University.
  • The first program is the unique Dual Master's Degree program, that can be completed in two years.
  • The second is the Masters of Research program (another internationally recognised, research-intensive two-year program) which prepares students for doctoral study.
If you are looking to Study in Australia, then the following information will be useful.

Double Masters Degree At Macquarie University: Details, Requirements, Employment Opportunities

From 2020 onwards, Macquarie lets students combine two disciplines and build their own Dual Masters Programs.

Imagine being able to pursue fields as diverse as: 

Commerce + Psychology
Creative Industries + Marketing 
Cyber Security + Business Analytics
Electrical Engineering + Music

(These are indicative examples only)

How Dual Degrees Work At Macquarie

Step 1: Select the combination you'd like to pursue
Step 2: Confirm that you are eligible, and apply for the double degrees
Step 3: Pursue both the degrees at the same time, and finish the core zones
Step 4: Graduate with two master degrees

If you’re interested, we can help you apply for the program, and Australia Student Visa as well. 

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s look at the distinct advantages of pursuing a Dual Masters. 

Benefits of Pursuing a Dual Degree At Macquarie

But, why pursue a Dual Degree? What are the distinct advantages that can set you apart from the crowd?

Let's look into them:
  • Greater flexibility in career choices
  • Better employability
  • Time–saving, enhanced learning
  • Sets you up for success

What are the entry requirements?

When it comes to entry requirements for any combination you opt for, you need to be eligible for both degrees.

Combine the most popular courses in Australia, and blend them into a Dual Masters Program At Macquarie. Give your career an extra edge in half the time.

Master of Research: Learn From the Best At Macquarie University

The Master of Research program at Macquarie University is designed on the internationally recognised Bologna model. The two-year program allows students to choose from a variety of research areas at Macquarie. 

The program makes students ready to be able to complete a PhD in three years, prepping them with intensive research, even before they begin their doctoral study. 

If you don't continue beyond Year 1

Year 1 of the program includes advanced coursework that delves into research in the chosen field of study. So, if you complete Year 1, and decide to exit the program, you get a Bachelor of Philosophy. 

In Year 2 of the program, students specialise in research preparation. For completing the program, they need to submit a thesis of 20,000 words.

Interested? We can help!

If you are interested in pursuing any of the of two research-intensive, academically superior programs, Aussizz Group's Education Consultants can help. We are partners with premier universities in Australia like Macquarie and can help you apply, or get more information.

Get in touch with us to know more!
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