November 21, 2022

Top 9 Facts of Australia’s VETASSESS Skills Assessment

Are you planning to migrate to Australia? Great!

The Australia PR that you are eagerly dreaming of is a hard nut to crack!

Well, I don’t want to scare you but as a well-wisher, I truly want to make you aware of the challenges in advance so that you can prepare well.

If you are looking to migrate to Australia under one of the skilled Visa work streams, then you will require an Australian Skilled Assessment.

But why is it so?

Well, Skilled Assessment is done by the Australian Government to ensure that the qualification and experience that you are stating is REAL. It is a key step in the process of skilled migration in Australia.

With over 200+ professions and millions of applicants, it becomes difficult for the Australian Government to assess the capabilities of each candidate. Here comes the role of Australian Assessing Authorities.

Assessing authorities are accredited organizations that are responsible for taking a skill assessment on behalf of the Australian Government.

But what parameters do these assessing authorities assess?

Basically, they evaluate your qualification, experience, and suitability of your candidature against your nominated occupation. Due to many occupations, there are a vast number of assessing authorities as well.


If you are willing to take the skilled migration or employer-sponsored visa pathway to migrate to Australia, then you would need a skilled assessment authority like VETASSESS. In this assessment, a candidate’s background is checked thoroughly. This helps in selecting the most deserving candidates who can contribute to the Australian economy.

There are Two Streams of VETASSESS skills assessment:

  • For General Occupations: Apply here if your occupation falls under non-trade
  • For Trade Occupations: Apply here if your occupation falls under skill trade

If you want to sail through this process of skilled assessment, you must know some of the important points and tips around VETASSESS.

By the end of this article, you will have all the necessary details to help you out. So let’s dive in together!

FACT #1: Know Your Occupation Thoroughly

The Australian Government follows a systematic scheme for occupational identification and classification. Each occupation has a 6-digit ANZSCO code, title and corresponding skill agency. It is important to know complete details about the occupation of your choice.

Don’t worry! This seems difficult but is easy. You can easily get all the information about your Australian occupation on the internet. Or you can also choose to partner with some agency.

With VETASSESS there are two lists that you need to consult – 189 occupation list and 190/489 occupation list.

Not sure which list to dig into? Let me make this a bit clearer.

  • Choose a 189 (Skilled visa) when an individual want to migrate to Australia solely based on your SKILLS. That is, no state or employer sponsorship is involved here.
  • Choose a 489 (Skilled regional sponsored visa) if you have a relative who is an Australian resident.
  • Choose Subclass 190 (Skilled Nomination Visa) if you want a job that deals with government sponsorship. But what does “government sponsorship” means? So basically, jobs are identified as per different states and territories. If the job or occupation that you are searching for is available in a specific state/territory, then the government can sponsor you for the same. And how will you check this? So, each state/territory publishes a list of the occupations that are in demand in their area. Also, each state/territory will have its own visa process that you will need to have a complete idea of.

Fact #2: English is not a Hurdle!

Unlike other certifications and Australian assessment which demand good English language proficiency, VETASSESS don’t. Though you should have some level of English language proficiency which will help you in getting employed and executing your duties well. Also as a part of the visa process, you will need to give a language test.

Fact #3: Ready Documents will Help You Sail

As evidence, VETASSESS will ask you for documental proofs at the various stages of the process.

Stage 1: Identity Documents:

Be prepared with:

  • Original and a copy of your passport
  • Passport size photo (Size – 35mmX 45mm)

Stage 2: Qualification Documents

  • The qualification Certificate and academic transcript will act as your qualification evidence

Stage 3: Work-Experience-related Documents

  1. An updated CV
  2. Statements of service from former employers and prior employer contracts
  3. Evidence of payments from your previous employers. This can include income statements and tax paperwork to substantiate your work experience.

Fact #4: Become Aware of Your VETASSESS Groups

VETASSESS bifurcates occupations into six different skill-level groups. These are named from A to F. These skill level map with the ANZSCO skill levels. These groups vary in their educational and work-experience-related requirements.

Knowing these groups will help you assess your eligibility and capabilities. Also, this will help you to discover your own skills and route to improvise them to land on to your destination – Australia through GSM.

Fact #5: Know the Cost of Your VETASESS Skills Assessment

Financial preparation is important. Depending on the skills assessment that you choose the fees may vary. But a standard assessment will cost you around AUD 968 with a processing duration of 10-12 weeks.

Alas! Such a long duration, right?

But you have a second way too and that is – Priority Processing. Through priority processing, you will receive the assessment within 10 business days but it will cost you around AUD 1628. (And as the saying goes – “Time is money”!)

Fact #6: VETASSESS Tries to Help You as much as Possible

VETSASSESS like many other assessing authorities will try to help you in difficult situations. For example, if you are not able to gather your documents within the stipulated time frames (which is very likely under the pandemic situation), VETASSESS will try to offer some flexibility. But please keep in mind to not take undue advantage of the favor.

Fact #7: Inform Australian Authorities in Advance of Special Cases

Suppose your office is shut down. This can create a problem for you since VETASSESS will not be able to validate your employment records. In such cases, it is recommended to let the Australian authorities know in advance. Or if you are being assisted by an agency, keep that updated too beforehand.

Fact #8: VETASSESS don’t Visit Your University

Some candidates have this misconception that VETASSESS will visit the university for validating their degree. No that’s not the case. VETASSESS doesn’t need to do so to evaluate the level of your education to Australian standards. In case there’s anything specific needed, it might contact your university’s admin which is a very rare case.

Fact #9 – Validity of VETASSESS’s Assessment Outcome

The validity of VETASSESS’s skill assessment is for three years after the date of issue.


VETASSESS is the largest Australian skills assessment authority. It is known to have a very difficult passing mechanism to filter out the best talents across the world with a larger objective of boosting the workforce quality of Australia.

A journey all alone might seem difficult but with a helping hand by your side, it can become amazing. Partnering with a migration industry that has profound experience and proficiency in the migration industry can help you not only pass the skills assessment but also other stages in your migration route.

Aussizz Groups is one such migration consultancy that is a one-stop solution for all your Australian Migration Needs. Contact us and we will eliminate all your pain points!

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