How Australian GSM, work permit visas differ despite correlation
June 08, 2019

How Australian GSM, work permit visas differ despite correlation?

Two prominent Australian visa programs are at the forefront for both skilled professionals and skilled workers. You can choose either the General Skilled Migration or Employer Sponsored Visa program with each constituting number of work visas.

GSM versus Employer Sponsored Visa

Much varies to your choices, needs, and preferences. In case you are competent and want to seek Permanent Residency, then GSM program comprising three significant skilled migration visas is best suited for you. These include Skilled Independent Visa–subclass 189, Skilled Nominated Visa – subclass 190 and Skilled Regional Provisional Visa – subclass 489. Whereas it is Temporary Skill Shortage Visa – subclass 482 giving recognition to every skilled worker in terms of work permits issued based on sponsorship.

Though both programs differ from the other, there are few similarities between them. These include—

  • Both General Skilled Migration and Sponsored Visa are referred to as work visas
  • GSM is part of the skilled migration program whereas the other enables Employer sponsored workers to work and stay temporarily
  • Skilled Migration allows you to work/settle whereas you are allowed to stay based on the time fixed by your employer

In clear terms, a lot entails to how competent and resourceful you are. If you are brilliant in your academics and if your occupation falls in the Skilled Occupation List or Consolidated Skilled Occupation List of Australia, it is advisable for you to apply for the Skilled Migration program.

About GSM

With flexible rules in place and with Australian government opening opportunities for overseas talent, it is the individual who has to decide how he can play a crucial role in the economy of a country. However, there arises no confusion while expressing a desire to work in Australia.

But be clear in your objective. For first-time applicants who want to seek General Skilled Migration visa program benefits, there is plenty to gain with those crucial points weighing high and which can change their fortunes. All that is necessary for you is to provide immigration authorities with your age details, education background, work experience, English language proficiency skills, etc. If you specialize in accountancy, you have to obtain at least 80 points as per the recent immigration criteria while engineers and IT professionals have to secure 70 or more. Every applicant can earn crucial immigration points based on Skill-Select program. He has to submit EOI (Expression of Interest) and actual visa application.

About Employer Sponsored Visa

Let us ponder for a moment while discussing Employer Sponsored Visa issue. The wait is longer for skilled or resourceful workers to find employment opportunities in Australia. It is not the first-come-first-serve basis where overseas workers find suitable job openings. But it is the Australian employer giving the first preferences to local youth. If he is unable to find local talent, he will advertise job openings in official websites with sponsorships provided by him. It all depends on his needs and purpose.

This Sponsor Visa is among the best immigration program for individuals on a permanent/temporary basis. Every applicant who prefers the immigration program has to submit employment notification/work order, employer sponsorship declaration, and attest documents entailing to one’s profession.

The validity of the visa is extended to 4 years and beyond. Besides, temporary visa enables an individual to secure a permanent visa.

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