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September 26, 2019

Know Importance of Parent Visa Australia and its Subclasses!

Some months ago, the Government of Australia introduced a new visa for parents, Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa—subclass 870. Beforehand, you should know the importance of parent visa Australia and its sub-classes. The new pathway is a significant relief for those applicants waiting for its implementation. If you want to be aware of Parent visa Australia and its sub-classes, you should be familiar with their rules and regulations.

Overview on Parent Visa Australia and its sub-classes 

Parent Visa-subclass 103

Here is a quick check on the eligibility criteria for subclass 103:

* Be a Permanent Resident holder of the country for 2 years

* You can sponsor your parents who want to settle permanently

* The visa benefits those individuals having half their family members residing in the island country

Contributory Parent Visa: Temporary visa—subclass 173 & Permanent visa—subclass 143

As a parent, you can stay in the country for two years on a temporary 173 visa. You cannot renew or extend the visa. In case you want to live permanently, you can apply for a subclass 143 permanent visa. Both these visas are part of Contributory Parent Visa where you can live, work and study. Besides, you can avail Medicare benefits.

It is, however, mandatory for you to meet criteria for a balance of family test, and health and character requirements. To secure a permanent visa, you have to possess a temporary visa.

Aged Parent Visa – subclass 804

In case you have elderly family members, you can grant them with inshore permit wherein they can stay in the country permanently. But, you have to be either an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Even it is applicable for parents whose children are New Zealand citizens.

Contributory Aged Parent Visa: Temporary visa – subclass 884 & Permanent visa—subclass 864

If you want to sponsor your parents for a short duration, you can grant them with temporary visa—subclass 884 valid for two years. But, you have to ensure you are a citizen of the country. The visa is processed faster and comes at a higher cost. As a holder, you can seek permanent immigration after two years.

New Visa for Parents – subclass 870

The new subclass 870 visa pathway allows parents to meet their children and grandchildren for 3 to 5 years. They can stay in the country and complete the duration of the visa. There is no need for them to leave the country while the validity is on.

Describing the significance of Sponsored Parent visa, you should follow its criteria. These include:

* You can sponsor your parents if you are 18 years of age

* There arises no need to provide a balance of family test

* You should be an Australian resident or a citizen


Every visa holder who wants to sponsor his parents must ensure that the eligibility criteria of different visas must match their expectations. Though age, pension and duration of the stay matter when it comes to securing a particular visa, it is also the balance of family test details equally important. Sponsor your parents so that they can obtain work rights and be eligible for pension privileges. For any assistance regarding parent visas, feel free to interact with our immigration consultants in Australia today! 

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