Professional Year Program: Perfect Way to Boost the Career with Better Job Opportunities
June 27, 2016

Professional Year Program: Perfect Way to Boost the Career with Better Job Opportunities

For securing superior job opportunities in Australia, it is best to have sound practical knowledge along with theoretical education. The Australian education or learning system is divided into four integral parts that consist of schools, universities, vocational education plus training and English language training colleges.

PYP has been initiated by the Australian Government. The well-structured 12 month program combines theoretical knowledge with practical know how which international students in Australia can gain at the work place. The Professional Year Program is meant for diploma holders and students who have completed graduation from Australian Universities.

This program has been made available in various subjects such as accounting, Engineering as well as Computer Science. PYA courses can offer immense benefits for students with foreign background who have a genuine degree or diploma from any of the renowned Australian universities.

Accounting PYP (Formerly SMIPA)

Accounting Professional Year Program (Formerly SMIPA) is a 12 month course. This Professional Year Program is an apt choice for students pursuing higher studies in accounting. This accounting professional year helps the students from foreign lands (migration) to improve on their skills in the accounting field.

A Professional Year can aid students in getting 5 extra points that are added up to PR point system. It is very essential for students seeking PR or Permanent Residence to stay on in Australia.

Professional Year IT:

Professional Year Program in IT is conducted for providing exhaustive training with practical skills for all IT graduate students to boost their career options.

Professional Year IT can indeed secure a rewarding IT job for students. Professional Year IT is duly endorsed and created by the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

Engineering Professional Year:

Professional Year Engineering is the solitary government supported and legalised work-ready program, which has been specifically developed for engineering students aiming for migration and permanent settlement in Australia.

This program also focuses on widening the job opportunities in the engineering field. This program course duration is for 44 weeks and students or participants are given extensive knowledge on the rules and regulations prevalent within the Australian workplace.

After the course period, students are given job placements within a competent Australian engineering team. Engineering Education Australia Company is the only authorised organization in the country that can offer Professional Year in Engineering.

Main Features of Professional Year Program in Australia:

  • It is a well organised professional development program that merges formal theoretical learning with workplace experience in specified educational fields (for international students)
  • PYP is extremely important for foreign students who are desirous of getting a permanent legal residence of Australia, as the program helps get additional 5 points towards the exclusive PR or Permanent Residence point system.
  • It also provides 5 extra points towards visa purposes Department of Home Affairs.
  • The Department of Home Affairs and PR point system identifies itself with students who have completed their professional year programme for securing points under the point system.
  • It paves way for Australian Internships, which are approved and legislated by department heads in the (DIAC) Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

PYP is the best government affiliated course providing quality experience for students in industry specific skills plus workplace practice. Professional Year Australia prepares them to pursue a career in Australia.


As a student doing the acclaimed PYP or Professional Year Program in Australia course, you gain real insight of their workplace customs and practices. It also ups your migration chances to Australia.

International students can achieve tremendous success in their career fields by pursuing Professional Year Program (PYA course) in Australia, with Aussizz Group to help them in every step of the way. Get in touch with us on 03 9900 7222 for details.

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