Planning to change course? Be Careful of Breaching Your Visa Condition

Posted by Aussizz Group on May 27, 2017

Australian student visa is highly sought after as it allows international students to study and work at the same time. While many international students successfully complete their course and apply for skilled visa; others find it hard and think of pursuing a career in another field of study or changing the education provider.

When considering to change course, students should make sure they are not breaching the condition 8202. This condition applies to all the Australian student visa holders and it states that a student must be enrolled in a registered course i.e. the course should be on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Student (CRICOS).

It is also important to maintain enrolment in a registered course that is at the same Australian Qualification Level or at a higher one along with the satisfactory attendance in the course.

During the process of changing course or finding a new education provider, international students can stay in Australia for a maximum of 60 days without studying. However, it is always recommended to get enrolled in a course ASAP ( not waiting for the 60 days).

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