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April 27, 2020

Temporary Graduate Visa: 10 Common Mistakes Students Must Avoid

Before leaving for Australia, your priority was to pursue a course as an international student. But with the course nearing completion, you plan to extend your stay. You are on a student visa and months remain when it expires.

What you intend to do? The visa benefitting students is Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) Australia. It comes handy to all those aspiring to work in the country.

Subclass 485 gives students complete work rights from one and a half year to 4 years. A lot depends on the course you complete. Every student uses the visa to secure permanent residency.

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Applying for 485

  1. Timing is Important
    A student should apply for the visa within six months of course completion. The date pertains to the final results. Often, a majority of students think that the graduation date is essential. Students need to apply for the visa between the completion date and student visa expiry.

    A lot depends on when you complete the course. Lodge it before some weeks. Submit every application detail. Otherwise, there are 485 visa application refusal chances.

  2. Documents Related to the University
    Before lodging the application, a completion letter from the university you pursued the course is necessary. The letter should mention exact dates of study and qualification. For a CRICOS registration, you need to crosscheck the course duration. It has to be for three months.

  3. Be Present in the Country
    Be present in Australia for 16 months. It is usually between the time you commenced the course and completion date. You might land in trouble if you spent time overseas while studies were underway. Do crosscheck before lodging the application.

  4. Pass the English Test
    Refrain yourself to the last minute and appear for an English test. In case you studied from the beginning, you can clear it with good scores. There are chances of Temporary Graduate Visa grant on time.

    You might hear a refusal of subclass 485 application if you do not provide the test result despite clearing it. Administrative Appeals Tribunal will not help you if you delayed the entire process.

  5. Get Federal Police Clearances
    Provide proof of Australian Federal Police checks before lodging your Temporary Graduate Visa application. A CK AFP lodgment receipt is necessary. Otherwise, you end up with visa rejection.

  6. Health Insurance
    All it takes is to show health insurance proof to fulfil subclass 485 visa criteria. Make sufficient arrangements in the country for the insurance cover. Show evidence at various application stages that include.
    • OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) proof is essential at the time of lodgment, processing and during the time of visa grant
    • It is vital at the time of applying for Permanent Residency. Otherwise, there are strong possibilities that may lead to visa cancellation.

  7. Follow the Correct Pathway
    GWS (Graduate Work Stream) and PSWV (Post Study Work Stream) are the different application streams. In practical terms, Post Study Work Stream is favourable due to the following reasons.
    • Validity of PSWS is for 2 to 4 years, and it depends on your qualification. Whereas, the Graduate Stream is valid for one and a half year only
    • Get your skills assessed for GWS but not for PSWV
    • In the case of Graduate Stream, you need an occupation listed on IFSOL (Independent & Family Sponsored Occupations List). But, there is no restriction on those occupations for PSWV.

  8. Subclass 485 Eligibility Criteria
    To qualify for subclass 485, you must complete a particular course or courses that last for two years. Some of the 485 requirements are:
    • In case there is a gap between qualifications, you can add one or more courses
    • Course types depend whether you apply for GWS or PSWV
    • Graduate Diplomas are not eligible qualifications for the PSWV

  9. Assessment of Your Skills
    For Graduate Work Stream, you must fulfil criteria of skills assessment in your current occupation for a visa grant.
    • No need for you to complete an evaluation before lodging subclass 485 application. However, you must provide a receipt that confirms at the time of lodging your 485
    • Nominate an occupation on IFSOL (Independent & Family Sponsored Occupations List)
    • Stick to your current profession at the time of visa processing. In case you do not comply with skills assessment criteria, you cannot change your occupation
    • If you heard a refusal of skills assessment, you can appeal for a decision.
    • Assessment of skills must be positive while taking a decision. If there is a rejection of your application, you can approach AAT that will provide more time for a positive skills assessment

  10. Section 48 of Migration Act
    In case of a 485 application denial, you cannot apply from anywhere in Australia for another visa. It is due to Section 48 of the Migration Act.The Section only applies if you are living in the country on a bridging visa. You have a half year from completion date to lodging 485 visa. It is the reason why you have a single chance to justify your case.


Last but not least, subclass 485 enables you to stay in Australia and enhance your prospects for permanent residency. If you are unable to understand the different processes of Temporary Graduate Visa and cannot take a stand as far as AAT is concerned, approach our Immigration Consultants today!

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