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February 15, 2017

Top 6 Highly Demanding Jobs by Australian Employers in 2017

“Work to live, Don’t live to work”. One country that has always lived by this thought is Australia. It is one of the most popular destinations to study, work and live a quality life.

Every year, a large number of international students coming to study in Australia  face the pulls of working after completing graduation, as the country offers many job opportunities and best average salaries in the world.

One of the major reasons behind this is the shortage of skilled workers. Australia has a range of professions that falls under the skill shortage category, as companies fail to find the appropriate candidates within the local talent pool, thus creating more opportunities for skilled migrants.

To address this shortage, various researches have been performed with results being published with state, territory and national overview.

Hays, the world’s leading recruitment experts, recently released their quarterly report including the skills and jobs that will be in demand in Australia in 2017. The jobs include:

Professional practice accountants:  As per the recruiters of Hays, those employees with excellent organisation skills and vigilance to keep everything balanced will be preferred in the Australian accounting workforce.

IT Coordinators/Integrator: IT coordinators with technical expertise along with required skills in teaching and learning are currently in high demand by schools of Australia.

Site Manager:  Candidates with problem solving skills and great understanding of teamwork are in short supply in many areas across the country.

Data Analyst: The country require individuals who can manage and utilise data to gather insights in order to achieve targeted goals of the business.

Development & Operations Engineer: Adaptable managers who can ensure that equipment are properly designed, installed and function effectively are highly sought-after in many states and territories.

Sales Administrator: The country needs sales administrators with advanced technical skills and capability to manage large amount of data.

It’s quite evident that getting a degree is not enough to secure a job in 2017. One has to go beyond the job description and perform supplementary duties.

If you are also  an international student in Australia, chances are you may also be looking to gain relevant work experience and permanent residency in the country.  This could only be possible if you have industry related discipline, advanced skills and additional qualifications.

Wondering how to go about it?

Join Professional Year Program

Designed to kick-start the career of international graduates of Australia in the field of Accounting, IT and Engineering, professional year program is a 44 week program comprising of formal learning and an internship in a relevant host company. By joining this program, international graduates get loads of benefits including:

  • Gain Valuable work experience in an Australian company through internship placement
  • Enhance understanding of culture and practices within the Australian workplace
  • Improve business communication skills
  • Build strong relationships with industry professionals and ensure better career prospects
  • Earn 5 additional migration points to support permanent residency application on successful completion of the program

Why Hire A Reliable Education Consultant For Professional Year Enrolment?

Being an international student in Australia, you are very well aware of the complexities included, be it finding the right course or institution or applying for the visa. The same applies to the Professional Year Course. Certain criteria is required to be met to get eligible for the course.

qualified education consultant will not only help you meet all the requirements of the process, but also alleviate the stress of choosing the appropriate course and getting admission in the right institution.

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