What to do with Temporary Graduate Visa Expiry?
September 28, 2021

What to do with Temporary Graduate Visa Expiry?

Give it an afterthought if you want to prolong your stay in Australia. With the help of the second post-study workstream of Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485), you can work, study and live in the island nation.

It is the post-study stream meant for every international student residing in a regional area. Meet the relevant criteria in case you decide to apply for a second Temporary Graduate visa.

Subclass 485 Statistics:

  • Percentage of Applicants:
    4% increase on March 31, 2021, from March 2020

  • Majority of Applicants:
    Onshore students who completed qualifications were granted the visas

  • Student Numbers:
    The first two are India & Nepal, whereas reduction in student numbers from China & Pakistan

  • No of Applicants:
    92,000 as of June 2019
    71,000 in June 2018

  • Percentage:
    29% increase

  • Introduced:

  • Top 5 Nation Holders:
    India, China, Nepal, Pakistan, and Vietnam

  • Employment Sectors:
    Accommodation & food services and retail trade industries

But, one of the pivotal issues overseas students cannot overlook is the 485 visa extension following the expiry of the first one.

485 Visa Expired, What to Do?

Find out the different requirements for Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) listed by the immigration authority.

These Include:

  • Criteria
    • Plan six months in advance if you want to reapply.
    • Ensure that you cleared graduation or post-graduation from an Australian institution and completed a 2-year stay in Regional Australia.
    • You cannot apply for the post-study stream if you completed studies from Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne.

  • Categories:
    Immigration authority has made your task easy that helps you choose whether or not you get a one-year/two-year second visa? It has created 3 categories comprising major cities and Regional Areas.

    Much of this depends on the area you want to study and if the first 485 Visa comprises correct details.

    These Include:
    • Category 1:
      Major cities include Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne
    • Category 2:
      Major regional areas such as Adelaide, Perth, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Lake Macquarie/Newcastle, Illawarra/Wollongong, Geelong, Hobart, and Canberra. You get an extra one year
    • Category 3:
      You get extra two areas if you live and study in Regional Areas and Regional centers . These are regional locations other than those comprising Category 2.

      Take the guidance of Migration Agents Australia who scrutinize applications for the second workstream from the start.

  • Categories in Detail
    • Analyze threadbare if each of the following categories determines whether or not you qualify for 1/2 years second subclass 485.
    • Applicants are not eligible if they obtain the visa by pursuing studies in Category 1 cities.
    • Those studying in Category 2 or 3 can obtain the visa. Determine if you want to live in Category 2 or 3 while holding it.
    • Before making your application for the second 485 visa, the compulsory residency requirement is that you should live in a regional area, Category 2 or 3, for two years.

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Interesting facts you need to know:

  • Benefits of Subclass 485:
    For the thought to migrate to Australia and apply for Permanent Residency utilize the opportunity by working effectively on different factors such as:

    • Work Experience:
      On a subclass 485, work full-time. Before obtaining a residency visa, you need to find an employer and assure him that you can be an asset to the company. It helps you to get the visa without much difficulty.

    • Regional visas:
      With the help of a Temporary Graduate Visa, you can work in any part of Australia. It is advisable to find an employer in a particular regional area. It enhances your chances to obtain a state nomination. Besides, it leads to a Skilled Employer-Sponsored Visa (Subclass 494).

  • Single Applicant & Family Members:
    It is the Temporary Graduate that you get once in a lifetime if you are a single applicant.

    What if you have a partner? How do you get an extension of the 485 visas after expiry?

    You are fortunate as your spouse is studying in an Australian university and happens to be the secondary applicant. You are a primary applicant.

    To answer the second question, you can renew it as your partner is your main applicant.

    Besides, your family members who are dependents, have to meet permanent residency too. There is no need for them to meet the 2-year requirement. PR requirement is for applicants who claim to be residing in Category 2 or 3. It comprises further study and work.

    Much depends on where you have been living for two years. A lot has to do with gaining a one or two-year second Temporary Graduate visa.

  • New Visa Condition 8610:
    Condition 8610 is the new visa condition attached to the second workstream of subclass 485 Temporary Graduate visa. Those who completed studies in category 2 can obtain a one-year second 485. The condition requires the visa applicants to live in category 2 or 3 areas.

    Similarly, those who completed studies in category 3 get a two-year second 485 visa. They have to live in areas comprising category 3.

Stay tuned to Aussizz Group for more updates on Australian immigration and Permanent Residency.

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