5 Tips to Avoid Sounding Monotonous When Writing a Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a personal statement required by the universities to get a clear perspective of individuals who are willing to pursue higher education in Australia or any other country. It includes the candidate’s personal interests, goals, academic progress and motivations for the chosen career path.

With many applicants boasting impressive resumes, high GPAs and test scores, it becomes difficult for admission groups to decide which candidates to accept and which should be rejected. This is the reason; the admission committee of different universities put heavy weight on the presentation of Statement of Purpose and its structure.

A well-written Statement of Purpose is extremely critical to get admission in the desired college or university as it is the only chance to assure admission committees why you should be accepted to pursue education in abroad and how you stand out from a multitude of similar applicants.

Despite this, a large number of candidates turn a blind eye and write monotonous stuff in the SOP. In most cases, candidates copy the purposes from their seniors or Internet, making it sound inappropriate and generic to their applications.

If you’re about to start writing your Statement of Purpose or have received rejection, given below is the list of things that you should avoid to convert your purpose into an acceptance letter.

  • Stories are more engaging than Statements

    How often do you end-up leaving detailed and factual articles in newspapers halfway? Have you ever wondered why? Since they are hard to read or appear boring to us. However, it’s not the same with stories. When we start reading a novel, we get emotionally connected with the beautifully written piece of literature.

    Similarly, writing your purpose in the form of statement will not make any difference to admission committee who are going through the 5000 similar application every day. Make sure you write a short and creative storyline that make the reader understand your purpose in no time.

  • Precise Language goes a long way

    The second most important rule to write a unique SOP is to be reflective. Admission officers not want you to just show off your academic achievements. Nor they want to read prolonged literary fiction. Hence, make sure you write in a way that communicates your message effectively and efficiently.

  • Honesty is the best policy

    The Statement of Purpose also provides you a great opportunity to express your problems. If you have had any problems in your academic career or had any work-related problems, you can show in your SOP to reassure the admissions members. However, make sure to be honest and provide the actual reasons that led you to the problems. At the end, don’t forget to highlight the way you dealt with all the problems and what you learnt from the experience.

  • Little details make a big difference

    Before writing a statement of purpose, make sure you’ve all the details of the university you are applying to. You should let admission committee know what exactly you like about their university and how badly you want to be a part of it. You obviously need to do a lot of research both offline and online and be very specific about the college, its facilities and its professors.

  • The only kind of writing is rewriting

    Once you are completed with the draft, it’s time to turn your attention to the details, Go on proofreading until you feel like you’ve written the best possible Statement of Purpose. You need to make it a priority to avoid using too many complex words, misplaced commas or semicolons and typos. You can also ask your family and friends to rate your written SOP for accuracy.

    Your Statement of Purpose is the first impression in front of the college admission committee. If you don’t want to take a chance to get admission in the university of your choice, hiring a migration expert is one of the best ways to ensure an instant success.

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