Visa Hopping
June 14, 2024

Australia Implements Stricter Measures to Prevent Student Visa Hopping

The Australian Government is working to stop ‘visa hopping’ by temporary visa holders like students. New rules restrict people already in Australia from applying for different visas to extend their stay. These steps are part of a larger effort to better control how many people move to Australia and stay here.

Stopping Visa Hopping

To address the issue of ‘visa hopping,’ where individuals frequently switch visas to extend their stay in Australia, the government has introduced stricter policies. By implementing conditions like “no further stay” on visitor visas and ensuring that students genuinely progress in their courses, the government aims to prevent misuse of the visa cope the system. These measures are expected to reduce the number of people exploiting temporary visas to remain in the country indefinitely.

Rules for Student Visas

New regulations for student visas have been established to maintain the integrity of Australia’s educational system. From now on, visitors in Australia cannot switch to student visas while staying in the country. This change targets the growing trend of visitors applying for student visas to extend their stay. Additionally, the Genuine Student requirement, which mandates credible course progression, is now a critical factor in student visa applications, ensuring that only genuine students can renew their visas.

Changes for Graduate Visa Holders

Recent reforms significantly impact holders of Temporary Graduate Visas. Graduates are now encouraged to secure skilled employment and transition to permanent residency or leave the country after their visa expires. The government has discontinued the option for these visa holders to apply for student visas to prolong their stay. Additionally, new rules include reduced post-study work rights, a lower age limit for eligibility, and increased English language requirements, aligning with the objectives to better manage the graduate workforce in Australia.

Updating Australia’s Migration Plans

The Australian government is overhauling its migration system to create a more structured and strategic approach. The aim is to reduce net overseas migration and address population growth effectively. This overhaul includes the measures mentioned above, alongside broader reforms intended to close loopholes in international education and other visa categories. By implementing these changes, the government hopes to build a migration system that is smaller, more manageable, and free from exploitation and abuse.

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