IELTS Mobile App: UNRIVALLED Training & Preparation

  • Do you plan on giving the IELTS exam?
  • Hate going to classes?
  • Dread the traffic?
  • Like studying at your own pace?
Well, if you've got a tick – mark at more than two boxes, then, most certainly, you're either a student, a working professional, a homemaker or someone who can't seem to strike the perfect balance between work - life and exam study. In a nutshell, you could plan all you want to, but still not study and have exam – fever gripping high on you. The plans are made quickly, but it is the execution part of it, which is the red area – work tiredness, workload, homework, etc.

Now imagine, in addition to these situations, what if you were to go and attend far – away classes? Traveling in long – traffic lines, hanging again, not getting enough rest, tired by the surroundings, important agendas to take care of, etc. Too much work – up for a person, isn't it? But at the end of the day, you know that for an exam like the IELTS, studying is imperative. Clearing it could be constructing your potential gateway to your dream. Can it be avoided? No! There are no shortcuts.

With a sound knowledge of potential hurdles and a decent level of experience, we have a piece of good news for you! We aim to build that bridge which could take you a step closer towards your dreams!

Time for some good news! We’ve, with our knowledge and experience, we've got you a one-stop – solution! A jump across your barrier of excuses and problems! With our creation, prepare for the exam on – the – go, anywhere, whenever, at your pace and most importantly, how much ever you want to! The preparation is now, literally, ‘in your hands'!

So, here we are with the paramount mobile application, for all of your IELTS preparation needs. With tons of brilliant features – Practice tests, evaluation services, a test like interface, score converter and much more, you will not find it hard getting that desired band you've always wanted.


  • Get 20+ FREE mock tests, and proper explanations and detailed answers and analysis of the same.
  • The power of visuals, in the form of video classes for that ‘forever – memory.'
  • Realize our potential – Get a FREE demo class; individual or group wise.
  • Find a question tough? With our share test question feature, share it with your friends.
  • Get that command you’ve always wanted over the English language.
  • Dedicated team support

And lots more!

Awesome, isn’t it? As you can see, education is no longer limited to your horizons. It is literally, with you. It has NO LIMITS.

You now, have everything you want to – an all access platform to literally get coached wherever you are and at your sole convenience. Learn all you can during travel, breaks, rest time, between activities and whenever you can sandwich time!

Our idea. Your trust. Your effort. Your score.

Download the app today!
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