Canada - World’s preferred Christmassy Country
December 07, 2018

Canada beats Norway to become world’s preferred Christmassy Country

Beating Norway, Canada according to a new ranking tops the list of being the most preferred Christmassy country in the world. This comes with Christmas festival approaching and there is already enthusiasm and fervor behind its celebration at this time of the year. 

Especially Canadians prefer the festival to be celebrated with pomp and gaiety. This ranking comes at a time with a friendly message sent to tourists across the world to arrive in large numbers and spot the baby reindeer.

The North American country had been facing quite tough times to defeat its European rival. However, it was Canada which narrowly ousted its competitor after the adorable white baby reindeer was spotted.

Describes a source, “The festival in different countries coincides with local traditions marked with rich customs and styles.”

Plenty to watch out for if you happen to be a first-time visitor to the country or even if you visited it earlier, this Christmas would be quite different!

There is Christmas music in this festive season for everybody to enjoy!

Residents in the country listen to the music with Canada establishing a good ranking among 55 countries. The ranking also states that the country experiences white Christmas each year with weather forecast predicting of snowfall this year.

One of the other reasons why the country topped the festive countries list is due to majority of visitors who had accompanied Santa Claus in skiing expedition at the famous Whistler Blackcomb ski resort and even experienced ice skating at the world’s best skating rink around Lake Louise.

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