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July 10, 2018

Can Contributory Parent visa Australia fulfill dreams of elderly?

It is your parents who want to stay with you as they are living thousands of miles away from you. One of your parents has taken voluntary retirement and it is his wish to take up a job in Australia. How will you make his dream come true? There are plenty of options in front of you as you happen to be an Australian resident.

One of the steps you can initiate is to sponsor them on contributory parent visa subclass 143. You can be their visa applicant and file every application on their behalf so that they become eligible visa holders of permanent residency if they apply in near future. You can ensure their applications are processed in time bound manner along with submitting crucial documents before visa authorities.

After your parents get the 143 visas, they will be allowed to travel to and fro the country for a period of five years. They will be allowed to reside, work and study. The 143 visa certainly works to advantage of every individual who might be a resident of Australia or New Zealand.

To avail benefits of contributory parent visas, it is time we shift focus on certain guidelines enumerated below –

  • Age factor – Contributory parent visa Australia is applicable if your age is above 18 years. You can be Australian permanent resident or New Zealand citizen with help received from various quarters. If you are below 18, community associations step in and become sponsors on behalf of your parents.
  • Assistance – Visa norms speed up after you produce documentary evidence of community organisation you represent. You require proof of representative of the organisation sponsoring one of your family members. The organisation has to be financially sound and operate from island nation for at least a period of one year.


Listed below are some benefits for your parents staying in Australia – 

  • Your parents will be allowed to reside, study and work as they are contributory parent 143 visa holders.
  • Medicare health coverage is among privileges they can earn. They are required to fulfill visa norms before being eligible for Australian citizenship.
  • Permanent residency for parents comes into effect if you are a sponsor
  • From date visa, your parents are eligible to leave and revisit Australia for a period of five years. They can avail social security payments after waiting period passed by.

Some Frequently Asked Questions in case your parents are not 143 visa holders yet. These elderly individuals have to submit valid documents to Australian authorities and fulfil visa requirement with a concrete proof of having half of their children residing in Australia permanently.

Q. Where can I be as an applicant when applying for a 143 visa?

A. Apply for the visa from Australia or your respective home country. Wait till announcement of decision is made.

Q. Can I include my family members in the application?

A. You can do so and include your partner, child and step-child in your application. Once granted, your parents receive same rights and obligations as you.

Q. Is there provision for a bridging visa before being granted with a 143?

A. Yes. If your parents are in Australia and are holders of 173 visa. This visa helps them when their 143 applications are processed. They will not be allowed to stay in Australia on just a bridging visa alone.

Q. Can your parent re-apply 143 visa after cancelling it earlier?

A. The Australian Department will not grant your parent with 143 visa if he cancelled or refused it while he was residing in Australia.

The Q&A is a reality check to different visa procedures with no harsh provisions attached to them when applying to contributory parent visa subclass 143. Only handful of formalities are needed prior to its clearance.

To avail more information on contributory parent visa and its subclasses, feel free to post your queries on our Immigration & Education forum and get solutions right away.

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