Is Canada next destination? Enhance your Canada PR score

Canada often has been described as an ideal country for immigrants and their families willing to settle in the country. Especially residents benefit a lot as it is among top countries providing a high quality of life.

Friendly nation for immigrants

The country offers PR (Permanent Residency) programs due to its lenient immigration policy thereby allowing immigrants to obtain their PR on time.

This comes after the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada initiated on Express Entry System way back in 2015 thereby making the process more transparent and faster.

Till date, the Express Entry system granted invitations to over 170000 newcomers. Besides, the country has an immigration selection system which works on merit-based. Get points from education, merits, language skills, spouse language skills and work experience.

Quality education

In case you are a permanent resident, your child who is below 18 years of age is entitled to a quality-free education.

Attractive Wages

Working population describe Canada as the hospitable nation due to its excellent wages and salaries. Even vacant posts are filled by a sizeable chunk of immigrants with immigrants meeting their daily expenses.

Healthcare benefits

Both residents and citizens avail excellent healthcare benefits with the government stressing on the healthcare system. There are free health-related services for both you and your family members.

Unmatchable Quality of Life

Ranked 10th in HDI (Human Development Index), the quality of life offered is unmatchable. HDI judges Canada on health, education access, life expectancy and living standard factors.

Social Security

Pension and retirement sops give a sense of security to every foreign applicant residing in Canada.

Childcare System

Canada administration grants a monthly payment almost tax-free to eligible families so that they can raise children under 18 years of age. The amount depends on the annual income of parents.

Overseas Travel

On a Canadian passport, you are allowed with visa-free travel to nearly 173 countries.

On the other hand, it is Express Entry program managing your applications for PR.

Few prominent programs on federal immigration are listed under –

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
Determine the success of your application under Express Entry with the administration awarding ‘points’ for CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). Points are also awarded up to a maximum of 1,200 based on numerous factors:

  • Age factor
  • Language skills
  • Level of education
  • Your Work experience details
  • Spouse Language Skills and Education
  • Canadian work experience of your spouse
The administration, on the other hand, invites to apply for visa application every fortnight. If you are short of CRS score, consider a few steps to increase your score:

1. Apply for territorial/provincial nomination

To be granted nomination by any province, you have to get 600 points in CRS score. Each province which has occupation list of its own enlists criteria by which you apply for Provincial Nomination Program.

Special categories under every PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) were created hence allowing the respective province to nominate those candidates who meet its programs and policies. The nomination, on the other hand, enhances the CRS score of applicants.

Some examples of PNP Express Entry categories include Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. In other words, every province updates its occupation list and criteria.

2. Employment benefits

A job offer from a Canadian employer helps you to collect 200 additional points. Check opportunities listed on Canada job bank and apply for relevant positions on social media platforms.

3. Language proficiency scores

160 points are the maximum you need to score for language proficiency. Get best scores by reappearing for CELPIP, IELTS or TEF examination. Create your Express Entry profile and update your score by taking the test multiple times.

4. Spouse points

Based on your spouse’s educational qualification, language proficiency skills and Canadian work experience, you can expect 40 points.

5. Overseas experience

Secure 50 points if you have foreign work experience. Both experience and language help you to score high. Significantly, you gain points for up to 3 years of non-Canadian expertise.

6. Enhance your education

Sound language skills are essential. Gain 50 points if you have more certificates than a Post-Secondary diploma and Bachelor degree. 

Level attained



High school  



Post-secondary program of one year or longer    



Two or more post-secondary program of 3 years  



Numerous employment opportunities await you the moment you arrive in Canada. To avail specific information regarding visa immigration policies or the country’s different programs, seek expert guidance from our Overseas Education Consultants in India. 
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